About Me

29 Years Old When Diagnosed
31 Years Old – Born and Raised in Metairie, Louisiana

Graduated from UNO 2006
Business Administration with a Computer Science Minor
Business Management with an Information System Concentration

Worked as a Subcontractor for the Louisiana Road Home Program doing IT Support.

Hands Free Help Technologies History with My Involvement:

I met my business partner while on the project, he was a marine who served 8 years in Hawaii in Communications and the IT field, also running the IT Helpdesk.  He was about to give up on Hands Free Help Technologies, when I impressed him with some coding skills in excel which made a spreadsheet do anything possible include remote controlling other computers at the facility that we were working at for quicker support and better logging and timing of our support request for reporting to Baton Rouge.  I told him let’s work together and get the company going like he had originally planned, but with me taking over most of the functions of the business.  My time at the project came to an end and we wanted to continue the business plans we had started.  However we did not have a location, equipment or anything to really jump start the business, and taking a loan was out of the question as I do not like to work under loans for business purposes in case something goes wrong, then that money is owed back to someone.

The big decision:

So I had to a decision to make, take my $50K+ and invest it into a house for my wife, whom at the time was my girlfriend, and I or invest my money into the business.

I chose the business because in the long run, my business will take care of me down the line.  A house would be something else to worry about with mortgage and insurance payments on top of also trying to invest money into my business.  If something went wrong I could lose one if not both.  I was happy living with my parents, and they invited my wife and I to stay, so investing into my business I did!  With what I now have to endure, having extra support at home is always a good thing, and the business can take a 2 to 6 month stretch where cash flow may be lower than normal, but the small reserves we have will be used to keep the business going.

That’s my quick overview making me who I am today and where I am at in life!


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