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I figured I would put this page so that ya’ll could post comments, support, etc!

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  1. Snipsy says:

    Hei Dude
    i´m a noob 🙂 so i´m just wrote to say we are think about u.
    regs Sir S

    • Johnny says:

      Craig–finally have a name that fits
      the program–“ZYDECO BRAIN AND MIND”.

      This fits the birth place of the idea–
      New Orleans–what is a key component
      of our Town – music (Zydeco) and what
      the program can change–

      Are you in the hospital?

      My Family has you in our Prayers Big
      Guy–stay Strong !!


  2. Johnny says:

    As VP of IT of an up and coming Nevada based Corp., we
    are gonna have to do something about those “gowns”—-un-becoming–very un becoming for an
    Exec. Type !!??

    Hey Buddy, if there is anything I can do for you–
    run errands, fetch something from your office–
    put out a fire–‘create a fire’–anything-let me
    know and I’ll go get Mr. Tulane (Brian) and we’ll
    get it hammered out for you. We are thinking of
    you—-chin up/good thoughts–Your Friend-Johnny

  3. Jamie says:

    Good Luck today Brother,

    Remember no pork grinds or purple furp…don’t wanna lose your programming genius super power.


  4. Johnny says:

    Hey Craig—-actually, let’s look at eating 3.75
    scrabbled eggs as a Positive thing !!??

    Those are all “odd” numbers—anybody who know-
    ingly wants to play with a rubics cube (I know
    I blew that spelling out of the water) is def.
    “odd”—-the ‘egg thing is your call—I say
    embrace “odd”.


  5. Jamie says:

    HOOOOOORAY!!! for Negative results

  6. Jamie says:

    HappY Monday Brotha, Looking Good man… did you lose some weight…lol p90x is a killer man… love ya …. Hi Dee!! 🙂

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