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03/13/2014: PET/CT Scan Results from Scan #7

03/13/2014: 6:00: Ayclovir time…  Been taking that again since the shingles… 8:00: I am up. 10:00: I head over to a client to get some measurements of their com closet for another client that is about to build. 10:30: I arrive on site and start taking pics and measurements. 10:45: One of the clients grabs

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03/12/2014: PET/CT Scan #7 Day

03/12/2014: So now I can officially glow in the dark!  LOL J/K… 6:00: I am up and out of bed. 6:15: In the car heading to Tulane with my dad for the scan. 6:30: Arrive at the hospital and check in. 7:00: They walk us from Radiology on the second floor down to the first

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03/10/2014: Dermatologist Appointment

03/10/2014: So I have an appointment today with my Dermatologist to check all my moles and especially my skin in the radiation field on my neck and chest from the radiation treatment in October. She sees two moles on my back that she wants to watch, but everything else looks good.  Then she spots a

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03/08/2014: I can walk again…

03/08/2014:  Happy Birthday Sis… I can walk again without the help of crutches.  It’s a little painful, but I am able to get around…

03/05/2014: My Knee! Painful!

03/05/2014: I woke up and it hurt to bend my knee.  I didn’t think too much of it and went to work cause I would be sitting in my chair most of the day. By the time it came to leave work, I could barely walk on it. By the 10PM, I couldn’t put weight

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03/04/2014: Happy Mardi Gras :)

03/04/2014.  Happy Mardi Gras… Even though it was one of the coldest Mardi Gras in my lifetime, I wasn’t going to miss it this year.  Last year I spent Mardi Gras Day in the Hospital.  I missed all the major Mardi Gras Parades, because I spent a week in the hospital due to a fever

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03/01/2014: Endymion Parade – Hurt Back and All

03/01/2014: So I didn’t let the hurt back keep me from the Mardi Gras Parades.  Sure it hurt to get into the car, sure it hurt to walk.  I just took small steps at first and as I loosened up I could walk quicker and in less pain.  However, during the parades I would have

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