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07/27/2016: 26th Infusion – Week 3 – Liver Issues – 27th Infusion Cancelled

07:00:  Up I am.  I take my medicine. 07:15:  Bathroom, shower, dress. 08:00:  I apply my numbing cream to my port and put the usual saran wrap over the area. 08:05:  I get on my computer, check my emails, catch up my blog. 08:22:  All done catching up.  Time to pack up my laptop, and

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26th Continuation – Liver Issues

05:00:  Up I am. 05:40:  Out the house we go.  My dad is driving my wife and I to the airport. 06:05:  At the airport we are. 06:10:  I check the airline prices for two weeks and purchase tickets. 06:20:  To security we go. 06:25:  At the security checkpoint. 06:35:  Through security. 06:40:  My wife

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07/13/2016: 26th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:30: I wake up and take my thyroid pill and drift back to sleep. 07:00: Up me is. 07:30:  Shower and prepping for the day. 08:15: My numbing cream is on my port area with my saran wrap over it. 08:30: Out the room I am. 08:40: Checkout I do.  Then over the skywalk from

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07/12/2016: 26th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

06:00:  Up Yoda is  06:30:  Uncle Vic is here to pick up my mom, wife, and I. 06:52:  At the New Orleans Airport once again. 06:53: At security. 07:01:  Through security. 08:10:  Boarding begins. 08:25:  Sitting in the plane.  You can ride on the plane if you want, but I am going to ride in

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