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Chemo Type 3 Cycle 1 +12

03/27/2013: 9:00: I am up.  I let bust out. 9:15: I check a few things on my computer and respond to a few emails. 10:00: I jump in the shower. 10:15: I jump out the shower. 10:30: My wife came back from her physical therapy and I sit down with her as she eats. 11:00:

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Chemo Type 3 Cycle 1 + 4

03/19/2013: 8:00: I wake up to Buster crying outside the door because he wants into the room.  I get up, let him outside, and then bring him in the room, and lay down to catch some more sleep. 11:00: I am awake, and I know I am not going back to sleep now.  I get

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Chemo Type 3 Cycle 1 + 3

03/18/2013:  My Wife’s Birthday!  Happy Birthday Dee! 8:00: I wake up, get up out of bed, let buster out, and change and get ready to go to Tulane. 8:10: I take my blood sugar, 135. 8:15: I jump in my Parent’s CRV, since I have to get a new breaktag for my van, and my

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Chemo Type 3 Cycle 1 + 2

03/17/2013: 11:30: I wake up and get out of bed.  As usual, I let Buster out and then prepare myself for the vaynco administration. 11:45: I pull the vaynco medicine ball out of the fridge for it to warm up for an hour.  I sit in the lazy boy and turn on the TV.  I

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Discharged From The Hospital – Day 8 at Tulane

03/11/2013: 12:00: I am just laying in bed, TV on in the background, playing some BlackJack on my phone. 1:00: Still playing BlackJack but the Ambien and the Vicodin are starting to kick in.  I am half on half off the bed, but very comfortable. 2:00: OK, with all those fluids pumping into me, time

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VQ Test – Day 3 At Tulane

03/06/2013: For all of those checking up on me on here, sorry I haven’t been keeping a recent day by day, play by play update, but I am still around. 4:00: I get awaken by a nurse and someone else wanting me to sign a blood consent and wanting for me to be given blood

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