VQ Test – Day 3 At Tulane


For all of those checking up on me on here, sorry I haven’t been keeping a recent day by day, play by play update, but I am still around.

4:00: I get awaken by a nurse and someone else wanting me to sign a blood consent and wanting for me to be given blood since my last round of blood test had my platelets at 7.5 and some other low levels.  I ask if I can refuse for now and just wait for morning when the doctor comes in for a complete discussion and explanation.   They agree we can do that and I sign the blood waiver.

7:00: I am awake.  I get my blood glucose tested and need two units of insulin.  So much for that 10 inch meatball calzone and slice of meat lovers pizza I had around 10 last night.  It is in the 260s.

8:00: I see a PA and am told I can eat, so they retrieve my plate that has been sitting for 30 minutes getting cold.  They want me sent downstairs right soon for a VQ in nucleur medicine to see if they can see any evidence of a pulmonary embolism.

10:00: I am finally brought downstairs by transport.

10:10: I start breathing the radioactive material for test.

10:15: I finish breathing the material.  I am put on a table and the radioactive sensor takes 4 different angles of pictures of the radiation being admitted from me.

10:35: The tech then searches my right arm and then my left for a vein.  He then finds something and injects the radioactive material into me.  I don’t feel a thing.  Some of it made my blood stream the other just made my arm as seen on the sensor when he holds my arm up to it.  The tech then takes the 4 images again with the radioactive die in my blood stream as well.

10:55: I am done with the 4 images.  My table is pulled out from the machine and lowered.  Transport is already waiting for me, I sit in the wheelchair, and am transported back to my room.

11:15: I get back to my room.  Lunch is here, so I help myself to the tray, ground meat and cheese pasta, its not too bad.

1:30: I get my first bag/unit of blood hooked up to me and pumped in.

5:30: All done with that bag of blood, the second bag of blood is hooked up and begins pumping.

7:45: My second bag/unit of blood is done pumping.

8:15: Just laying around, watching TV, getting up going to the bathroom, washing my hands, back to watching TV, and I repeat that routine pretty steadily…

11:00:  I get my Ambien and my Vicodin, perfect pills to make you sleep when in a hospital bed!

11:59: I am asleep by now, but yup, another day gone…




© Craig