04/18/2014: OK, so maybe it’s been a while since I updated my status, mainly been busy blogging in that section, however feeling great today and ready for the CCC tomorrow!

06/01/2013: Going into the Transplant, feeling great and ready to get through this!

05/30/2013:  Feeling better, not as much congestion, but still a little.  Just admit me so we can get this over with, but I understand all signs of infection must be cleared up before starting any treatment!

05/28/2013: I am feeling OK, just congested, meaning that I can’t start the transplant process yet until I get this cold cleared up.

05/16/2013:  I have my scheduled start date for the transplant.  05/28/2013.  I am ready just to get this all over with!

05/09/2013:  My doctor then starts going through the results.  My neck has completely cleared up, nothing has been found in my neck.  She then sees that the two tumors in my chest have very low activity.  She would like to see no activity, but compared to the PET scan in January, both tumors are in the process of dying and she is ready to move on with the Stem Cell Transplant.  However, she wants to get my eye cleared up first and get my cough and congestion taken care of today too.  I tell her that I have an ENT appointment tomorrow for 9AM, so she is happy to hear that.  Melissa tells me to call her on Tuesday and let her know how I am feeling.  If everything is looking better then that means that I will be looking to start the Stem Cell Transplant next weekend, Saturday, May 18, 2013.  So we shall see. Click Here To Scan Results

04/26/2013:  I am doing well considering.  This chemo is very easy, last dosage today.

I just had another chemo today.  I have another PET Scan May 8th, which will show them if and where any cancer cells still remain in my body and the size and activity level of these cells.  If I am cancer free, or very little activity, they will schedule me for the Stem Cell Transplant.  If not, they will give me a few more rounds of this chemo.

I will find out the results of the PET Scan and more information on May 9th when I meet with the doctor again following the PET Scan.

I will keep ya’ll posted!

03/27/2013:  I am doing pretty good.  This chemo regimen of rituximab that they currently have me on is only once every third week and it goes after the CD30 markers that the lymphoma cells have that I have attaches itself to the marker and causes the cells death.  This mainly leaves the rest of my bodys cells alone, so the side effects are not as great as the other chemos.  They don’t even give me any antinausea medicine or steroids before giving me the infusion which goes to show how little it messes with the other processes of the body.  So I got 3 cycles of this, so in 7 or 8 weeks I should be ready to have another PET scan which will hopefully show that everything is in remission and then we can jump into the Stem Cell Transplant.  If not in remission they may give me a few more cycles of this chemo first, depending on what they feel is best.

10/28/2012: 85% Today.  Still stuffy, but no sure throat, some coughing, no fever…

10/27/2012: 70% I didn’t get much sleep, I woke up with a sore throat, going to bed with a stuffy nose, blah, one day at a time!

10/26/2012: 75% I am struggling with a sore throat all day.  I gotta do work, but blah.

10/25/2012: 85% Today.  My throat is hurting me by the end of the day.

10/24/2012: Not a single problem, definitely a 95% day!

10/23/2012: 90% Another good day, need more of these!

10/22/2012: 90%  So good, I am back into my computer gaming! Call of Duty 2!  Yeah baby!

10/21/2012: 85% Today.  Good football game, I rest at home all day, I even setup my third monitor for my PC at home.

10/20/2012: I spend all day over at the office.  I would say its an 80% day.

10/19/2012: A better day.  I am feeling 75% today.  I am able to go setup that new restaurant.

10/18/2012: I sleep till 1pm again.  70% today.  I go to work and do some basic stuff.  Good news from the doc which can be found on the Test Results page.

10/17/2012: 70% Today.  I sleep till 3pm, but since I slept late I have enough energy to go out in the evening for a little bit, but not much.

10/16/2012: 55% I sleep till 1pm. I get up and relax in bed for the day.

10/15/2012: The day starts off good.  The chemo hits me really good. I feel like 50%.  I am very woozy walking out with my dad to the car. I get home and crash hard!

10/14/2012: A Sunday, tomorrow is chemo, mental games, but I am 95%

10/13/2012: 95%  I’ll enjoy the weekend while I still can!

10/12/2012: 95% Today.  What a good week!

10/11/2012: Good times, 95% today. Doing plenty of work today.  Doc says I am looking good too!

10/10/2012: Another great day.  To bad all my days couldn’t be at least 90%.

10/9/2012: Another 90% day.  I can’t complain, it’s all good!

10/8/2012: Good day.  I am feeling 90% today.  This will be a good week!

10/7/2012: I am feeling about 80% today.  Good enough to hang out a little and talk.

10/6/2012: A better day.  I feel 75% today.  This week should be a good week.

10/5/2012: I can feel the effects.  65% Today too, not in the mood to do a lot of work, but I am ok.

10/4/2012: I am feeling ok today.  Maybe 65%.  Not in the mood to do too much.

10/3/2012: Blah the chemo after affect hits even harder I feel like 50% today.

10/2/2012: Another hard day after chemo.  I feel like 55% today.

10/1/2012: Oh joy another chemo day.  The beginning is good, but I am tired and crash when I get home from chemo.

09/30/2012: Another good day.  90% Today as well, just being lazy around the house resting, tomorrow is Chemo.

09/29/2012:  Today is a very good day.  A little tired, but feeling good.  90% Today.

09/28/2012: Another good day!  95% Today. Also its a Friday, and the weekend!  I’ll enjoy the weekend while I can!

09/27/2012: A good day.  I feel 93% Today.  Work as normal, and also feeling good enough to eat an Indian Food Buffet 🙂

09/26/2012: I am 90% Today.  Too bad Buster ain’t the same today, I would say he is down to 50/60% today 🙁

09/25/2012: Better today than yesterday, but back to 85%, I am doing good though!

09/24/2012: An OK day today.  I feel about 80% today.  I got things I gotta do, but I wish I felt a little better..

09/23/2012:  A good day today!  No more taste really.  I am feeling 90% and back to most normal activities.

09/22/2012: The days get better, but the taste is still there in my mouth!  I head to the office to meet with a client and to do some more admin work, but the days slowly get better. 85% Today…

09/21/2012: Today is even better I feel 80% Today getting up out of bed.  The 80% stays most of the day.  I am able to put in a good 12 hour day at work, but its desk work for the most part, I couldn’t do much more if I wanted to.

09/20/2012: Ahh Better today, I am about 75% Today.  The taste is still there, but I have enough energy to get out of bed and to head to the office.  Got some taxes to pay so I don’t have a choice.

09/19/2012: Today is a little better, but still, blah.  That taste, yuck!  70% Today, still weak. Not in the mood to go to the office at all and not in the condition to drive. I just hang out in bed and around the house.

09/18/2012: Ugh, just another day.  I am at about 65%.  Just feeling blah.  The taste in my mouth is now pure Chemo!  Anything sweet tastes disgusting like Chemo.  I rest in bed most of the day on my laptop, but that’s about it.

09/17/2012: Started off a good day, but the chemo just brings you down.  The whole chemo treatment goes fine, then you feel exhausted when you get up out the chair and it’s time to leave.  I get home and just sleep!

09/16/2012: 95% Today, I am good!  Tomorrow’s Chemo, BLAH, oh well, I’ll enjoy today!

09/15/2012: Another great day.  No strength issues today, full speed ahead.  I work half the day at my desktop computer at home with no issues.  95% I am.  I am eating great too.

09/14/2012: A Friday.  95% strength. I am driving around town to take care of clients, and I even stay late for a client who brings in a net book to be repaired.

09/13/2012: Good days!  95% today too. I am working on my own moving computers around climbing stairs etc.  Easy going.

09/12/2012: Another day of tracking my laptop. I am 95%.  I do more search for my laptop today which finally pays off later in the day.

09/11/2012: Physically a great day, I am at 95% strength wise, mentally is another story, I gotta track down my laptop that I lost the night before.  Blah, Chemo Brain!

09/10/2012: Today is a better day I am back to about 90%  I go to a client’s office to do some work, so that’s a good sign.

09/09/2012: I get up, company comes over to eat. I am about 85% today, but not in the mood to move around too much.  I mostly stay in the Lazy Boy today and get up only when needed.

09/08/2012: A Saturday already.  I sleep to 1:00 PM.  I catch up on some admin stuff today, but not getting out the bed too much. 80% today.

09/07/2012: Another day of sleeping late to 1:30 PM.  Yep, this round of chemo is knocking me down.  I sit by my computer today, but about 80% today. I work from home.

09/06/2012: Another day that I feel weak and tired.  I sleep to 12:30 PM today.  I get up and take care of a few things remotely today, but all from laying in my bed.  I have my dad drive me over to the office so I can get the mail and pay the rent, but I am in no mood or strength to drive.  It is definitely a 70 – 75% day.  I don’t have too much strength to do things.

09/05/2012: This round of chemo has me really tired.  I sleep to 1:00 PM.  I wake up and still tired, but I gotta get up and check on things.  I am about 75 percent all day, sluggish and weak.

09/04/2012: Chemo #4, oh boy!  I feel about 70% all day, not excited at all, but oh well, I fall asleep easily.

09/03/2012: Labor Day, I feel good today as well, but just take it easy.  A great day to recharge.

09/02/2012: A Sunday, a day to relax.  Not much going on around town but cleaning up.  I would be busy if I was in construction, but I am in computers and everything for the most part is great.  I do have one call from a client that I remote in and take care of.

09/01/2012: I feel great!  Another good day, I don’t have Chemo to Tuesday and today is just Saturday.  I take my dad and go do some late night work at a client’s office.

08/31/2012: I don’t have power at the office yet, so I just rest at the house watching tv, taking it easy.

08/30/2012:  The storm is over.  I see a leak in the ceiling, and I have the strength, so I go up on the roof and replace two damaged tiles.  I also have enough strength to go to a client’s location to check on their computer.

08/29/2012: I stay up to about 4:15, the storm doesn’t move anywhere for hours, and then we lose internet and TV.  So since I now have no contact with the outside world, it is time for me to catch some sleep.  I wake up and the storm is still going on.  I am feeling good enough to go outside for a little bit, but the storm is still coming through nice and strong.

08/28/2012: A good day, I spend a little bit of time at the office and then head home to bunker down for the storm.  I am feeling good today @ 90%.

08/27/2012:  A very long day.  By the end of the day I am spent. I am tired by 10:00, but I feel myself dragging by 4:30.  A good day, but long day.  I am 90% today.

08/26/2012: Today I am feeling better.  With Tropical Storm Isaac on it’s way and destined to be a Hurricane when it gets close to New Orleans, I find the strength to help my dad put up the hurricane boards around the house to protect the windows.  I push myself twice, but not over the limit, but to the limit.  I stop when I have to stop, no big deal.  I will just sleep well tonight!

08/25/2012:  Today was a little worse. A little more tired and weak.  Some tingling, not as bad as yesterday.  Around supper I was feeling pretty weak, about 50%.  Once I got some food into me, I felt better, hopefully just not eating enough today was the issue.

08/24/2012:  An OK day.  I was feeling about 75% today.  Not too shabby, just a little tired and the tingling fingers and feet sensations started creeping in.

08/23/2012: Another good day, another 80% day.  Doing work as I can and resting and napping when needed.

08/22/2012: I am good today.  Not really nauseated, not 100% me either.  I guess I am about 80% today.  I am just going with the flow and taking rests as I need to.

08/21/2012:  An ok day.  I am not as tired as yesterday, but still a little tire and cannot push it.  I have enough energy to go to the office and take it easy.  Can’t really do much today, but what little I can do, I do.

08/20/2012: Another chemo day.  We’ll see how it goes today!  It went ok, by the end of the day I am exhausted!

08/19/2012: A short day with sleeping late.  A little tired today too, but I got some work done…

08/18/2012:  A good day, not really tired at all to start the day off, I notice I am tired before 10PM, but its been a long day.

08/17/2012:  I am up very early.  Not a bad day, waking up does get me tired earlier in the evening, but when there is work to do, there is work to do.

08/16/2012:  A little tired today after working all last night, and getting home late, but I am good to continue working.  Am I pushing it, nah, not yet, but can’t do more than what I am doing.

08/15/2012:  Today is a good day.  Not as tired as yesterday, but still not 100%, but I am good.  I was able to get in a full evening/night of work.

08/14/2012: Today is good.  I am a little tired and drowsy, but I am good.

08/13/2012: A good day.  I try to push myself a little today, and find out I tire easily and can overheat easily.  So I gotta be careful on what I do.

08/12/2012:  A pretty good day.  Can’t really complain.

08/11/2012: A good day.  Everything is normal today, another good day!

08/10/2012: A better day.  No nausea, I ate plenty, a good day!

08/09/2012:  Very long night.  Nauseating night too.  Took some pills and would fall back asleep.  Now that I am up, everything seems ok, we’ll see as the day goes on.

08/08/2012:  Today is ok.  I feel the effects of the Chemo as the day goes on getting a little worse, but I still keep up!

08/07/2012:  I feel alright today. I feel ok getting about of bed.  My legs feel a little heavy, but that is the only odd thing.  The day after hiccups are haunting me again today.

08/06/2012:  Chemo #2.  Not a bad day.  Not feeling bad either, feeling OK.  No uneasiness about today. I go through my treatments with no problems, when I get home, I am feeling a little dizzy, but it is most probably from the Ativan that I took earlier.

08/05/2012: Another good day, not looking forward to tomorrow, but I will enjoy today being a good day.

08/04/2012: Today was good.  I definitely ate my fill today and completely full almost all evening.

08/03/2012:  Today was another good day for me.  Any day at the office is a good day.

08/02/2012:  An ok Day for me.  Besides the fact that I was a pin cushion and that caused some uneasy feelings inside, all is well.

08/01/2012:  I am feeling pretty good today.  A little weak after that hot shower, but good enough to head over to the office to check on things and do some in office work.

07/31/2012:  Today should be an OK day as well.  I am up and about and feeling good.  No problems so far.

07/30/2012:  A week from my last Chemo and a week before my next.  I am feeling good today.  Should be a great week!

07/29/2012: Today is an OK day.  Not bad at all.  Feeling good.  A little hot outside, best to just stay inside.

07/28/2012:  I woke up feeling good, just a minimal stomach ache, but nothing major, and no nausea.  A good feeling day.

07/27/2012:  A better day.  I woke up feeling better, I was able to get something in my stomach and move around with no real issues.  Today will be a better day.

07/26/2012:  What a terrible day.  I didn’t wake up feeling to hot, and then got really nauseated in the doctor’s office, and then came home and slept after a shot.  After waking up I got to eat something, but started feeling uneasy again.  Just time to go back to sleep and forget about the bad day today.

07/25/2012:  I am starting to feel the effects of the chemo take its toll on my body.  I had a nauseous feeling that I popped a Zofran for and that seems to be helping.  I can just feel some weakness and tiredness setting in.  Nothing major yet, but the battle inside of me has begun.

07/24/2012:  I feel fine today.  If I could only figure out these crazy hiccups, I would be great!  I am walking around with no issues, using the computer, just another day around the house…

07/23/2012: Chemo Day#1 of 12.  Oh Boy.  Everything starts off fine.  No problems laying down most of the day getting my drugs, no problems here yet…  No physical problems all day.  I have felt fine laying in the bed most of the day getting my chemo loaded up.  A good day, I got home ate, took a nap, got up and took it easy.

07/22/2012:  Today was quick.  A little tired after doing a few basic things today.

07/21/2012:  An ok day, just a pain in my butt from yesterday’s bone marrow biopsy.  I am doing good, just going to be a slow painful day, not much moving.

07/20/2012:  In the early morning, I am running fever again, blah.  Some pain accessing the port, and some anxiety watching her pump the syringe to finally be able to access the port.  Pain after the procedure, the Percocet doesn’t do much to reduce this pain.  This time around the pain is greater than my last bone marrow biopsy.  OUCH, I feel it still 🙁

07/19/2012:  In the morning I am feeling fine.  Just a little bit more coughing than normal.  I am off my Prednisone and the tumor is start to push enough on my trachea to cause breathing issues again.  I am at the office most of the day, doing office work, mainly seated in a chair, however come 6:00, I am exhausted.  I nap quickly at work, then take a nice 4 hour nap at home.

07/18/2012:  The day started off ok, but then just one thing after another.  It wasn’t any fun at the Oncologist’s office because of all the poking with needles.  Blah I felt so week and nauseated, read up about that on the post.  The rest of the day went by pretty quick.  By the end of the day, I was just exahusted.

07/17/2012: I woke up feeling great, then a wave of tiredness and weakness hit me, so I sat down in the lazy-boy for a nap, which did the trick. Then back up and off to the doctors. I feel good right now.

07/16/2012: Felt great in the morning enough to have my sister drop me off at a client’s location. However, I wore down pretty quickly as the day wore on. Luckily I was sitting down most of the day at the clients office. I was exhausted when I got home.

07/15/2012: Just shoulder/front chest area and arm today.  Limiting my activities today to just watching tv and updating this blog.

07/14/2012: Doing ok today, just pain every now and then in the shoulder. Gotta stay still for the most part and heal.

07/13/2012:  What a day, port placement, loopy, and then pain following as the day goes on.  A fever at night which didn’t stay around for long, just a sore shoulder and a painful arm.

07/12/2012:  Another day.  I am feeling good.  As they day goes on I am getting a little tired, and I guess anxious about the port placement tomorrow.  Seems like so much to do, so little/not enough time.

07/11/2012:  Some pain in my back from the biopsy.  I can still get around.  Feeling good, just noticed that I am getting a tired feeling.  Nothing enough to stop me, but heaviness in the eyes.

07/10/2012:  Blah Bone Marrow Biopsy, nothing to be excited about that but hopefully clean results.  I hope they give me the good stuff and knock me out so I don’t feel a thing, I can only hope…

07/09/2012:  I had a good rest, today is not a bad day, just a busy day, no tiredness or pain besides the three needle pricks for the PET Scan.

07/08/2012:  Today I am doing good.  A little tired, but nothing major, just feeling lazy today I guess… I felt tired most of the evening while cleaning up. Now that the room is 95% complete I am just dozing off here and there.

07/07/2012:  I feel pretty good today.  No problems breathing or doing anything.  Just sitting at my office doing work as normal.

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