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11/30/2016: 35th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

11/30/2016: 00:00: Still in the park. 00:22:  All done at the park.  We make our way back to the hotel room. 00:30:  Back in the hotel room. 01:00:  To sleep I go. 07:30:  Up I am.  Shower and dressed I get. 08:30:  Leftover Cold Pizza for breakfast, great stuff! 09:15:  I check out of the

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11/29/2016: 35th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

02:00:  I finish ordering parts for a client for a project that I am working on.  To sleep I go. 05:30:  Up I am, dressed I get. 05:57: Out we head. 06:19:  My dad drops off my mom and I at the airport.  My wife has school & work, so she doesn’t get to come.

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11/16/2016:  34th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

0:00:  In the hotel room, I get on my laptop, eat some of the peanut butter bar, order items and wrap up what I need to jump on an restoration for the weekend. 02:00:  All done.  Time for me to go to sleep… 06:00:  Up I am. 06:30:  Shower I get. 07:00:  Finish ordering things

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11/15/2016:  34th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:30:  Up I am. 05:45:  I check a few things on client servers and services. 06:00:  Dressed and ready I get. 06:25:  Uncle Victor picks me, my mom and dad up.  Dee has school and work so she is staying home. 06:40:  At the airport we are. 09:06: Takeoff we do 10:08: Touchown. 11:08:  The

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11/02/2016: 33rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

11/2/2016: 00:20:  I finish checking up with Dee, and then head back upstairs.  I browse the TV channels. 01:30: ZzZzZzZzZzZz… 06:30:  Up I am, and shower I get. 07:30:  I put on my numbing cream. 07:50:  Out of room 432 we head.  I head down to the 1st floor 08:00:  I check out of the

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11/01/2016: 33rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

11/01/2016: Another trip to Houston, possibly the one of the last few I have left considering my study is about to run out. 05:30: Up I am. 06:13:  Out the door we head. 06:30:  At the airport, my dad drops me off. 06:45:  Through security.  I get my normal zero vitamin waters, lemonade as usual,

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