11/29/2016: 35th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

02:00:  I finish ordering parts for a client for a project that I am working on.  To sleep I go.

05:30:  Up I am, dressed I get.

05:57: Out we head.

06:19:  My dad drops off my mom and I at the airport.  My wife has school & work, so she doesn’t get to come.

06:40:  Through security we are.  Saw David Vitter on the way in, and he was in the express lane and we still beat him through security in the regular line.

06:50:  At the gate we sit.  No Atlanta flight as they are now leaving later on a regular schedule.

07:00:  On my cell phone updating my blog.  Sad that the cellular internet speed is faster than the free wifi provided at the airport.  Darn, maybe I should have told David Vitter about that… since free internet speeds are governed by state law.

08:15:  The plane from Ft. Lauderdale arrives.

08:30:  Our plane boarding begins.  We are zone 4, so I just continue updating my blog while everyone loads.

08:40:  We get up and board the plane when there is no line.

08:53:  The door is closed.

08:56:  We pushback.

08:59:  Taxi we start.

09:03:  Take off.

10:00:  I am drifting in and out of sleep on the plane.  I feel the jolt as we touchdown on landing.  Touchdown.

10:08: Off the plane.

10:15:  On the skywalk.

10:21:  Out by the bus stop.

10:40:  Onto the 102 express bus we get.

11:30:  Off the bus we get.  We walk the two blocks to the light rail location.

11:40:  On the light rail we get.  We get there and the train is just sitting there.  An accident somewhere along the line has the rail delayed, so we slowly make our way to MD Anderson.

12:20:  We finally get to the TMC Transit Center.  Off we get, to the Duncan building we walk, up tothe second floor, through the Mays Clinic, across the skywalk to the Mendelsohn Faculty Center, cut through the restaurant down the elevators and attempt to check in at the hotel.  The hotel is booked, only thing available is a King Suite for $350 a night, I tell them that we will pass up and wait for a cancellation.  I attempt to book for the 13 & 14 of December since I have treatment on the 14 and an appointment with the head and neck doctor on 15th.  Only the 14th is available so I take that to get that scheduled, and I get put on the waiting list for the 13th.  I go off to get my bloodwork.

12:44:  I check in to get my bloodwork.

12:46:  They call my name asking me if I am getting the bloodwork scheduled for tomorrow done today, I tell them yes.

12:52:  I get called to the back.  The usual, what’s your medical record number, name, birthday to check against the wrist band before they put it on my arm.  She takes me to the back and examines my right arm.  No luck in finding any veins there.  So she checks my left arm, feels some scar tissue, and then finds a spot n my left and sticks me.  One stick, blood return, she fills up the 3 vials with my blood and then disconnects me.

13:05:  All done giving blood.  Now on over to the Frozen Yogurt area we head.

13:10:  I get an email and text from a client.  I sit down at a table and get on the phone and remote into his computer and help him with the situation he is having.

13:45:  I am wrapping up that support call.

14:00:  I get a call from Rotary House saying that they do have a room available for me for tonight.  I tell them i will be right down and pack up my things and head downstairs.

14:15:  John checks me in.  He knows me by name now.

14:30:  In the room we are.  We snack on some stuffed asian baked dough.

16:00:  Out we head, back through the buildings back to the light rail.

16:38:  We are at Frank’s Pizza.  I get me an XL pizza with some pizza rolls.  The pizza rolls are rolled bread baked with cheese and/or Pepperoni.  Really good!  A group of policemen are there when we get there, they leave, and then a group of firemen come in.  They have Pizza by the slice options as well.  Oh great Pizza, I’ll be back in 2 weeks!

17:50:  We head out, back to the light rail, and back to MD Anderson we head.

18:20:  Off the light rail we are, back through the Duncan Building, Mays Clinic, Faculty Center.

18:27:  Back in the hotel room.

19:00:  Down to get some frozen yogurt.  I bring my computer as well and do some work while getting my frozen yogurt fix.

21:00:  Done with the frozen yogurt.  I head back upstairs, put up my laptop, and then down to the business center.  I print up my tickets and do some additional work by remoting into my office computer.

23:30: All done with my office work.  I head back up tot he hotel room, put my boarding passes into my bag, and then head back downstairs, over the skywalk to the main building to the Park.  I grab me some chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, oh so good…

11:59:  Still in the park…




© Craig