03/25/2021: Dr. Sidd Padman – Radiation Oncology – PET Scan Follow Up

I met with Dr. Padman today, and he says this is a very treatable size area to do Radiation treatment on.  He says we will do 4 weeks of treatment, 5 days a week.  He shows me the scans on his computer in his office as well and shows the area he will be treating, and angles he will be treating it from.  It will involve the left para-aortic lymph node, parts of the left kidney, and some of the intestines with the path of the radiation to the area needing treatment.  Following the office visit, they bring me to the back where they do a CT scan of me to line me up for treatments.  Once lined up and Dr. Padman decides how the treatment will be done and the markers needed, they inject me at three spots with tattoo ink to mark my placement for the future radiation treatments.  So when I come in for treatments they will just have to line the lasers up with the tattoo dots, and the machine will then treat me with the predetermined treatment that Dr. Sidd has already saved for me in the computer system.  I had this last done back in 2013 when I did my face and neck, but that also included creating a plastic mask over my head to hold my head and kneck in place for the radiation treatment to those parts, just simple tattoos for this alignment.  All done, I will just wait for them to let me know when treatment will start.

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