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Fat Boy Race – 5K

05/31/2014: 7:45: Raining, but ready to get started. 8:15: On our way…  Drizzling, but already wet… 8:55: They start making everyone turn back to the finish line as the weather is getting worse, but I have already done all my loops, and on my way back, so I will complete the entire race. 9:05:  I

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More Work, A Busy Day

05/04/2014: Just working on getting these 5 computers out the door tomorrow because tomorrow brings more work 😛  Busy Busy Weekend…

Back to Work!!!

05/03/2014: So after a good late sleep since I didn’t get to sleep to 3:30 after working most of the early morning at my office, I came back in and my business partner’s computer is sitting there with a dead screen because of the graphics card.  I try to reseat the graphics card, no luck. 

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