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04/20/2016: 20th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

07:11:  I am up.  Shower and normal morning routine. 08:15:  Numbing cream on. 08:28: Check out. 08:33:  I check in with the Lymphoma and Myeloma  center. 08:38:  I get called to the frontdesk for my armband, then back to my seat.  Another patient around me is starting a trial.  Not my trial but a trial. 

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04/19/2016: 20th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

04/19/2016: 05:45:  Up and going. 06:15: Out of the house.  My dad is dropping me off on his way to work.  I just have to figure out what is going on in Houston once I get there since half the city is closed due to flooding from over 12 inches of rain they got yesterday. 

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04/06/2016: PET Scan Results and 19th Infusion @MD Anderson

07:00: Up and shower. 08:10: Out the room. 08:15: Checked out of the hotel. 08:20: I check in at the diagnostic center on the second floor of the main building. 08:30: I am called to the back. Stacie has fun searching for an access point especially after all my blue stick points from yesterday’s if

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04/05/2016: PET Scan Results and 19th Infusion @MD Anderson

07:45:  Up and shower. 08:35:  Uncle Victor picks us up and brings us to the airport.  My mom and dad and I.  My wife is staying home because she has classes.  So she will hold down the fort. 08:50: At the airport. 08:52: Past the checkpoint. 09:10: Through security. 09:11: At the gate. 09:15: Boarding

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