04/05/2016: PET Scan Results and 19th Infusion @MD Anderson

07:45:  Up and shower.

08:35:  Uncle Victor picks us up and brings us to the airport.  My mom and dad and I.  My wife is staying home because she has classes.  So she will hold down the fort.

08:50: At the airport.

08:52: Past the checkpoint.

09:10: Through security.

09:11: At the gate.

09:15: Boarding starts.

09:20: We board.

09:25: Sitting in the plane.

09:38: Door closed. About to push back. See you in Houston.

09:40: Push back.

09:51: On the runway.

09:53: Takeoff.

10:45: Touchdown.

10:51: At the gate.

10:54: Off the plane. Walking to the skyway.

11:00: On the skyway.

11:04: Off the skyway.

11:11: On the bus.

12:03: Off the bus.

12:11: On the light rail.

12:33: Off the light rail at the TMC Transit Center.

12:37 In the Duncan Building.

12:45: I check in at PET.

14:00: I am called to the back. They sit me in room 7. The new system has them ask me a number of questions rather than filling out a paper questioner. They put my answers directly into the system. It takes them three tries to get the iv started and when they finally do it is in a sensitive area in my lower arm. It took two nurses to start the IV as well. They also give me a contrast to drink. The nurse returns with my radioactive glucose to inject into me and injects it. The IV is really sensitive. They leave me to drink my drink and rest while the glucose does it’s job which is about an hour.

They come and get me and bring me to the restroom and then bring me to the back.

I get scanned, CT scan first with the iodine injection which then turns into the PET scan.

16:20: All done with the scan.

16:40: We head back down Elevator T in the Mays Clinic, heading back to the Rotary House.

16:45: We hit the skyway.

16:50: Off the skyway in the Pickens Tower.

17:00:  In the Hotel Lobby.  No cancellations yet.

17:30:  We check with the receptionist again and there is a cancellation.  We take the room, checkin, and head upstairs.

17:40:  In the room. I cancel my other Hotel Reservation on my phone app at the Crowne Plaza which has a no penalty cancellation time of 6:00 PM.

18:00: We head down to get something to eat.  I like the dinner buffet, but tradition has it that I get a steak after every PET scan.  My parents take the dinner buffet as usual and I go upstairs to the Lounge where I can get my steak.

18:15:  I order my steak to go.

18:30: I get my steak and bring it downstairs to eat with my parents.

19:30: All done with dinner.

19:45: I use the business center and print up the plane tickets for tomorrow’s flight home.

20:15: Back in the hotel room.  I take a nap.

22:00:  I wake up.  Time to go get my usual small Pizza from The Park which is about a half a mile walk through the maze of hospital hallways.

23:30:  Back in the hotel room.  I take my pills, and catchup the blog.

23:59: Done catching up the blog… Goodnight…

© Craig