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07/30/2015: The day after the first treatment.

07/30/2015: 12:00: Pain!  I do not have any pain in my back it is strictly my abdomen.  I just took an oxycodone. 1:00: The oxycodone is not helping at all.  It is a gaseous feeling, but nothing is helping. 3:00: Still in terrible pain. 5:00: My abdomen is still hurting me.  I take some lactose.

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07/29/2015: Back to MD Anderson – First Treatment

12:00:  On the road again back to Houston, TX for MD Anderson.  First stop will be though, Blue Bayou exit to pick up my sister! 12:30: Leaving the house again. Forgot my numbing cream for my port access, so turned around and picked that up. 01:30: We pick up ny sister from her house near

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07/27/2015 – MD Anderson – Bone Marrow Biopsy & Bone Density Scans

01:45: Leaving the house, driving to Houston, MD Anderson. 02:15: On the road after picking up Uncle Victor for the drive back since I won’t be able to drive back after anesthesia. 07:15: At MDAnderson. Nice 5 hour drive from New Orleans, no construction slowdowns or traffic headaches. Quick bathroom stop on the way in.

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07/17/2015: Returning Home

07/17/2015: Returning Home 00:00: My dad is getting tired of driving, so we jump off the Interstate a little after Lake Charles, and I take over driving. 02:30: We pull into the driveway.  Trip over.  We unpack the car. 03:00: Time to go to bed… ZzZzZzZzZ 10:00: I’m up, slow moving, but up, still a

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07/16/2015: MD Anderson – Testing

07/16/2015: MD Anderson: Testing 06:45: I am up which is early for me. 07:00: I take a trio down to The Oak restaurant to check out their breakfast buffet.  Not bad, we will have to try it in a little bit. 07:15: Shower time for me. 07:45: Breakfast time, good stuff, bacon, Texas shaped waffles,

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07/15/2015 – MD Anderson, Here I Come

07/15/2015: Next Stop MD Anderson 0:10: We pull out of the Driveway heading to Houston, TX.  My Mom, My Dad, and I.  My Wife had to stay home as she has work Friday morning and a double on Saturday, and we do not know what day we are returning.  They said 5-7 days, but they

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07/11/2015 – Garth Brooks Concert

07/11/2015: Garth Brooks My wife is a big Country Music Fan and an even bigger Garth Brooks fan.  So I took her to the concert with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.  It was a great concert: I listen to all walks of music so I knew all but three songs the entire night.  Great Concert.

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07/10/2015: MD Anderson First Appointment Scheduled Updated

07/10/2015: I get an email from MD Anderson telling me to log into my patient account on the MD Anderson website and when I log on, I see the additional test ordered.  A CT Scan, a bone marrow biopsy, and a bone density scan.

07/09/2015: MD Anderson First Appointment Scheduled

07/09/2015: 16:06: Lana at MD Anderson called me and left me a voicemail message to call her back so that she could get my initial appointment scheduled. 16:22: I call Lana back.  She asks me if I prefer July 15, 2015, or July 20, 2015.  I told Lana, the earlier the better, she said July

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07/02/2015: PET/CT Scan Results from Scan #11 – Time for MD Anderson

07/02/2015: 09:00: I arrive to the Tulane Cancer Center.  I check in, and sit and wait. 09:30: I am brought to the back for bloodwork. 10:45: It’s my turn to be seen by the doctor and she walks into the room.  My mother and my sister are both there, my sister was not a match

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07/01/2015: PET/CT Scan #11

07/01/2015:  PET/CT Scan #11 Today’s PET/CT scan is scheduled for 1:00 PM, so I don’t need to be to the hospital till 12:30 PM. 9:00: Up and working on some ongoing client issues pertaining to emails. 12:10: Head on out to Tulane Hospital. 12:30: Get there and check in, sit down for a minute and

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