07/30/2015: The day after the first treatment.


12:00: Pain!  I do not have any pain in my back it is strictly my abdomen.  I just took an oxycodone.

1:00: The oxycodone is not helping at all.  It is a gaseous feeling, but nothing is helping.

3:00: Still in terrible pain.

5:00: My abdomen is still hurting me.  I take some lactose.

6:00: The lactose helped enough to make the pain not be stabbing.  The pain subsides enough for me to finally be able to fall asleep.

12:00: I wake up with no pain.

13:00: Emily, the research nurse, calls me and checks on me since we tried contacting them.  She asked me to explain the pain, and I did.  She said that the pain is most probably being caused by the tumor flare, the tumor’s reaction to the first drug infusion.  She says the abdomen pain correlates with a tumor in the upper abdominal area that is probably flaring and causing pressure and pain.  She wants me to call her back tomorrow and check in.

14:00: I make it into my office.

19:00: I head home from the office.  No pain since this morning.

19:15: Home sweet home.

20:00: I doze off…  Goodnight!

© Craig