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09/23/2015: PET Scan Results and 5th infusion @MD Anderson

06:50:  I wake up and get up and head to the lab in the main building.  I walk from the rotary house, across the sky bridge, down to the second floor. 07:15:  I sign in. 07:35: They call me to the back. 07:45: All done with the bloodwork.  I walk back to the hotel room.

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09/22/2015: PET/CT Scan @ MD Anderson

1:45:  We pull out of Danny and Clydes @ Clearview and W Napoleon and onto I-10. 6:50: We pull into Parking Garage 10 @ MD Anderson. 7:10:  Check in with Laboratory. 7:25: I am called into the back and have 4 tubes of blood drawn. 7:30: All done with lab. 7:40: At MD Anderson Cafe.

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09/09/2015: 4th Treatment @ MD Anderson

01:20: Pull out of Danny and Clydes at Clearview & I-10. 06:15: Arrive @ MD Anderson. 06:25: Check in at the lab to get my blood test done. 06:45: Called to the back for blood draw. 07:00: @ Anderson Cafe for breakfast. 07:45: Check in at the Lymphoma and Myeloma center for my 10:45 appointment.

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