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05/15/2018 – CT Scan @ MD Anderson

Another trip to Houston, however the PET/CT scans are over, just CT scans now to monitor the size of the locations of where the active tumors were.  If they grow or change size then a PET scan will be ordered to. 06:00:  Up I am. 06:30: To the airport. 06:45: At the airport. 06:55: Through

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12/27/2016: 37th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:20: Up I am. 05:30:  Ready am I. 05:45:  Ready is the wife finally… 05:50:  Out the door we head. 06:00:  At the airport we are. 06:15:  Through security we are. 06:25:  At the gate we sit.  Dee catches some Zzzzzzzs. 08:20:  Boarding begins. 08:25: I go up to the counter and ask the clerk

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07/12/2016: 26th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

06:00:  Up Yoda is  06:30:  Uncle Vic is here to pick up my mom, wife, and I. 06:52:  At the New Orleans Airport once again. 06:53: At security. 07:01:  Through security. 08:10:  Boarding begins. 08:25:  Sitting in the plane.  You can ride on the plane if you want, but I am going to ride in

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