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03/26/2016: Crayfish Boil

Need I Say More?

03/24/2016: Crescent City Classic Expo

My Dad is doing the Crescent City Classic again this year. I just had a treatment yesterday and will not have the energy to do the full race at a full pace in 2 days, there is always next year…

03/23/2016: 18th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30: Up. 03:50: Out the house.  My dad driving my wife and I. 04:07: At the airport, my wife and i jump out. 04:11:  In the TSA line. 04:34: Through security. 04:40: Boarding begins. 04:46: Seated on the plane. 05:12: Pushing back. See you in Houston. 05:20: Taxing to the north end of the North/South

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03/09/2016: 17th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30:  Up. 04:00:  Out the house. 04:10:  My wife and mom drop off my dad and I at the airport. 04:20:  Through airport security. 04:30:  Sitting at the gate. 04:52: Boarding begins. 04:57: On the plane. 05:12: Airplane door closed, airplane mode, see you in Houston. 05:15: Pushback. 05:25: Turning onto runway. 05:26: Takeoff. 06:20:

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