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06/17/2015: Another Day – Match Possibility is 9/10

06/17/2015: Another day running around taking care of clients.  While at one client I get a call from the Transplant Coordinator.  Unfortunately I was misinformed and the possible match that is in the US is a 9/10 match and NOT a 10/10 match.  Still good, but not the perfect match…  The story of my life

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06/13/2015: Impractical Jokers – Sanger Theatre

06/13/2015: 10:00: Another Saturday morning waking up to a client’s phone call.  I remote in and help the client with the issues he is having with his emails. 11:00: Out into the backyard I venture where my Dad has completely cleaned out the pond.  I can’t help too much with this because of the diseases/bacteria

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06/12/2015: Chemo 3:2 – Cycle 4

06/12/2015: 08:45:00  On the way to Tulane for Chemo…  I just don’t get it.  People and their driving and their road rage.  Today for instance, I had a car who decided they didn’t want to wait in line for the left two turning lanes at the red light, so they skip the line and then

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