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02/25/2016: Getting back to New Orleans

07:00: I am up.  I go downstairs and eat the complimentary breakfast.  Some grilled potatoes and cereal and apple juice. 07:45: Back in my room.  On the computer, following up with some work. 08:15: Shower time. 08:35: Out the shower. Answer some emails. 09:20: Out of the room I go and check out. Waiting for

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02/24/2016: 16th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30: I wake up.  I get dressed and all the other wonderful lovely stuff in the morning. 03:45:  My wife and my dad bring me to the airport. 04:00:  At the airport at concourse D waiting to go through security. 04:15:  I get to the front of security. 04:20:  I am through security. 04:23:  I

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02/23/16: Medical Bills, Insurance – Rant

02/23/16: So I have been going back and forth with MD Anderson and my insurance company on billing. At the beginning in June of 2015, MD Anderson made sure that I had insurance to cover my visits and costs.  They confirmed with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of LA that MD Anderson would be considered

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02/10/16: 15th Round Infusion at MD Anderson.

02/10/2016: 00:00:  On the Megabus heading to Houston. 02:00: I start feeling those dozen castle burgers that I ate. Not a good feeling on a bus. 06:06: We arrive at the Megan’s stop. We walk to the light rail system and use our new Metro Day Pass cards with no major issues. 06:38: We are

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02/09/16: HappyMardi Gras – Travelling to Houston

02/09/16: Happy Mardi Gras 2016 06:20:  I am up. 07:30:  On the way out to the parade route. 07:50: Parked. 08:00: Walking to where Uncle Frank said they would be.  They said they wouldn’t be leaving their house until 8:30.  It’s my wife and my dad.  We setup a chair for my wife in the

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