02/25/2016: Getting back to New Orleans

07:00: I am up.  I go downstairs and eat the complimentary breakfast.  Some grilled potatoes and cereal and apple juice.

07:45: Back in my room.  On the computer, following up with some work.

08:15: Shower time.

08:35: Out the shower. Answer some emails.

09:20: Out of the room I go and check out. Waiting for my taxi.

09:43: In my taxi.

09:54: At the airport.

10:00: In the security line.

10:10: Through security I am. Making my way to terminal E.

10:25: At my gate. Gate E16.

11:00: I grab a Stromboli.

12:00: I remote into a server from my phone and do a quick reboot for a client.

12:30: Sitting at my gate watching crews load and unload luggage and planes land and take off.

15:15: Boarding behind. Full flight.

15:30: in my seat on the plane.

15:45: Door closed. See you in New Orleans.

16:05: Take off

16:52: Touchdown

© Craig