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11/18/2015: PET Scan Results and 9th infusion @MD Anderson

11/18/2015: 06:30: I am up.  Time to shower. 07:15:  Everything done, dressed, numbing cream on, saran wrap on, everything good to go, time to pack up and check out. 07:45: I check out downstairs. 08:00: I check in at Infusion Therapy to get my port accessed. 08:15: All done being accessed.  I head downstairs to

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11/17/2015: PET Scan Results and 9th infusion @MD Anderson

08:10: Dropped off at the airport.  My wife takes the car home as she has classes today and can’t join us. 08:25: Through security. 08:30: Gate C6 waiting on the plane to arrive. Since it is storming in Houston I book a supershutle for a ride from the airport to the rotary house hotel, aka

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11/4/2015: 8th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

00:00: On the road.  Seats 5 & 6.  My mom and I on are on the second row of seats on the driver side the bus.  Typing on the laptop is much easier than trying to update everything via the computer.  Next stop Baton Rouge. 00:45: Sending pics to Dee…  Spooky she says, so dark.

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11/3/2015: Heading to Houston.

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11/3/2015: Prepping for another trip to Houston. 19:00: My Dad and I head over to Buffalo Wild Wings.  I get 5 Flamin, 5 Wild, 5 Hot, and 5 Hot BBQ order of wings with an order of potato wedges and a Sierra Mist.  We talk and watch the sad Pelican’s game on the TV and

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