11/3/2015: Heading to Houston.

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11/3/2015: Prepping for another trip to Houston.

19:00: My Dad and I head over to Buffalo Wild Wings.  I get 5 Flamin, 5 Wild, 5 Hot, and 5 Hot BBQ order of wings with an order of potato wedges and a Sierra Mist.  We talk and watch the sad Pelican’s game on the TV and screens.

20:45: We are back home.

21:00: I am laying in my bed doing some programming.  Also checking over things from the day’s work.

22:00: I get my shower.

22:45: We leave the house and heading towards the bus station/train station downtown.

23:10: We are at the bus station.

23:30: They start boarding.

23:40: We are on the bus.

23:51: We are backing up.

23:59: Passing through Metairie.

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