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12/30/2015: 12th Round Infusion at MD Anderson.

0:00: Just hitting the spillway on I-10. 0:10: Finally got my laptop situated and online with the slow Megabus Interent.  Remoting into my home computer to do some work for the night.  On our way to Baton Rouge, just getting off of the spillway. 0:59: Pulling off the Interstate in Baton Rouge. 1:05: At the

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12/29/15: Heading to Houston

22:10: Showtime 22:30: Waiting to head out. 22:50: We head out.  My wife, dad and mom. 23:05: At the Union Passenger Terminal.  Waiting on my Megabus. 23:25: Boarding begins. 23:31: I am through the door heading to the bus. 23:35: I am in my seat on the bus. 23:41: We are backing up and pulling

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12/16/2015: 11th Round Infusion at MD Anderson.

0:00:  On the bus…. 01:05: At the Baton Rouge Megabus stop. 01:15: Pull out of the stop. 01:20: Back on the interstate. 02:35: Rest break in Eagan, LA at Petro Truck Stop/Gas Station. 02:45: We are done our bathroom break. The other bus pulled up in front of our bus and we get on the

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12/15/2015: Heading to Houston

22:20:  Shower. 22:40:  All dressed. Packed up, and ready to go. 23:00:  Heading to the convenience store. 23:10:  Out of the convenience store. 23:20: At the bus terminal with my wife who is tagging along on this wonderful trip. 23:30:  Loading the bus. 23:40:  Backing away from the station. 23:50:  On the road.  AC has

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12/2/2015: 10th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

12/2/2015: 0:00: On the road. I setup location shaing with my Dad so he can track me on my trip. Then I update my blog. 0:40:  Done updating my blog, conversing by text etc with the wifey. 02:37: Off of the interstate and into the gas station for our rest break. 02:40: Doors Open. 03:05:

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12/1/2015: Heading to Houston

12/1/2015: 03:00:  I leave a client’s office. 03:30: I get home and eat. 04:00: Laying in bed finishing up my client’s computers 08:00:  All done with the computers. 08:30:  I finally go to sleep. 11:45: I am up. 12:00: Dog out, shower, dress, head to office. 13:00:  Got my Wendy’s and at the office.  Work

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