12/30/2015: 12th Round Infusion at MD Anderson.

0:00: Just hitting the spillway on I-10.

0:10: Finally got my laptop situated and online with the slow Megabus Interent.  Remoting into my home computer to do some work for the night.  On our way to Baton Rouge, just getting off of the spillway.

0:59: Pulling off the Interstate in Baton Rouge.

1:05: At the Megabus Stop, AKA, the CATS Terminal in Baton Rouge.

1:20:  Pulling out of the Megabus Baton Rouge bus stop.

1:25: Back on the Interstate…

2:35: Off the Interstate in Egan, LA.

2:39: At the Petro Gas Station.

3:02  Pull out of the Gas Station.

3:05: Back on the Interstate, next stop, Houston.

3:43: We take the I-210 Bypass around Lake Charles  A first for me.  I-10 is closed at I-210 so we are pushed onto I-210.  Two barricades and two state troopers, probably construction.

4:19: Louisiana/Texas Border…  In Texas…

6:08: At the bus stop in Houston.

6:16: Unloading the bus begins.

6:21: Off the bus. Walking to the light rail station.

6:24: At the light rail station.

6:25: Purchase my ticket from the ticket machine.

6:27: The light rail arrives. I jump on.

6:45: At the TMC Transit Center Station. Walking to the Duncan building.

6:49: I enter the Duncan building. Up the elevator, across the sky bridge.

6:51: In the Mays Clinic building.

6:52: I sign into the Diagnostic Center in the Mays Clinic.

6:58: My name is called and I get my armband. I am taken the back and 3 tubes of blood are taken.

7:04: All done with blood, time to put on the numbing cream.

7:10: Numbing cream on.

7:14: Done at the Mays Clinic, time to head to the Main Building and the Park Cafe for my breakfast smoothie.

7:16: I hit the sky bridge to the main building.

7:22: Done walking the sky bridge. Down the escalator to the second floor and to the park.

7:24: At the park.

7:25: I place my order for 40oz Peanut Power Plus Strawberry Smoothie.

7:36: Smoothie in hand, I walk from the park to elevator C to the 8th floor to the Port Access/Care / Wound Care to get my port accessed.

7:40: Sitting in a chair waiting to 8 to sign in so my numbing cream has an hour to work.

8:00: I check in and request a new arm band since the armband was twisted when it was put on by the original nurse twisted.

8:10: I am called to the back.

8:16: All done, accessed. I catch elevator C down to the sixth floor, to the myeloma/lymphoma center.

8:18: I check in.

8:20: Checked in and sitting down.

8:21: I get a text to go to the frontdesk to check my armband and get my paperwork to fill out.

8:22: I fill out my paperwork.

8:26: I get a text to go to door E for vitals.

8:29: All done vitals. Sitting in the waiting area again.

8:50: I am called to the back. I give Michael his present if Pralines since I didn’t get to see him two weeks ago.

8:57: Michael is done with me. Now I am just waiting for my next visitor.

9:04: Dr. Rodriguez sees me. Everything is well. I am one of the healthiest patients with minimum side effects that she has she tells me. She is very pleased so far with my progress. She makes sure I see my consult with the doctors for a Stem Cell Transplant. I told her I did along with my PET/CT scan on the 12th of January.

9:12: Dr. Rodriguez is done with me. Everything looks good and my orders are in for my treatment. I am just waiting on Emily to see me and pick uo my symptoms paperwork and give me ny next two weeks paperwork for symptoms.

9:20: Emily comes in. I tell her the same thing I told Dr. Rodriguez about the less than mild memory changes from time to time such as forgetting keys, phones, and other minor things here and there. Not constantly but enough to notice it happening when it does happen, but with some week or more spacing in between.

9:26: Emily is done with me. I have my new paperwork. She sends me on my way to get my drug infusion.

9:27: Down elevator B to the second floor.

9:28: I check in at the research center, they scan my bracelet and scan a pager and give it to me and I take it to my seat.

9:30: I am sitting down, updating the blog and waiting to be called to the back.

9:40: I am called to the back, I get my vitals done.

9:45: I am put into Room 7. I am told to walk around and come back for a second pulseox reading as is protocol with the drug.

9:50: My nurse comes and introduces herself and says we are just waiting on the drug to get here to start.

10:10: The drug arrives, is hooked up, and ready to go.  1 hour.

11:10: The drug is all done 4 minutes of saline to flush the line and push the rest of the drug in the line into me.

11:15: All done with infusion.  The nurse deaccesses me and I am free to go.

11:20:  Just following up on some tracking packages, work, and client issues before getting out of the bed.

11:35: I am all packed up, and out of the bed.  Bathroom breaktime.

11:50: I find myself on the third floor by the Gazebo.  I plug in my laptop and get back to work, working on a few client issues.  I see an email that my flight is 2 hours delayed.  So I just keep working through.

14:30:  I need to stop and get to the airport, I can keep working at the airport.

14:37: Done catching up the blog.  I am off to take my walk across the skybridge to catch my way to the airport.  Back to updating by my cellphone.

14:42: I hit the skybridge.

14:52: Out the Duncan Building.

14:55: At the light rail station and purchase my ticket.

14:57: I am on the lightrail.

15:16: Off the lightrail. Walking to the bus stop to catch the express bus to.the airport.

15:19: At the bus stop.

15:22: The bus pulls up and on my way to the airport I am.

16:00: At the airport. I jump off the bus and up the escalator to go through security. The first guy wants me to go to terminal a since I am a spirit flight. I tell him I have done this before and they just have to manually check it and he let’s me through. The lady security agent checks me in. Onto security.

16:10: Wallet, cell phone, laptop, chain, watch into one bin, crocks and sweatshirt into another, laptop into another and my bag by itself.

16:16: I jump on the skyeay from terminal c to terminal a.

16:23: At terminal A. Walking to my gate.

16:30: I take a quick bathroom break.  I have time to kill I am not going to be flying out to 7:50 instead of 5:50.  So to hour delay.

16:35: I grab a brisket sandwich at this BBQ place inside the airport, and some hushpuppies as a side with a sprite.  I finish that and grab me a lemon flavored tea to carry around.

17:30: All done, I am sitting in by a wall trying to take care of a client issue.  however now that issue has seemed to clear itself up.  I got one bounce back email and was troubleshooting and then the client said emails started going through so their ISP smarthost must have got off the blacklist.  They are all set.  So I pack up my laptop and move to a more comfortable seat rather than sitting on the floor.  I also move my phone to my real charger rather than getting a slower charge by hanging off of my usb port off of my computer.

18:45: We get an update.  Our crew won’t be arriving to 19:52, so now my flight is delayed to at least 20:30.  Enjoy sitting around doing nothing.

20:08: The crew boards the plane.

20:15: Plane boarding begins.

20:20: My ticket is scanned.

20:22: I am in my seat.

20:38: The door is closed.

20:40: Pushing back.

20:42: Taxing

20:48: Pilot says we are #2 for the runway.

20:50: On the runway.

20:51: Rolling.

20:52: Takeoff.

21:35: Landed

© Craig