03/24/2021: Dr. Veith – PET Scan Follow Up

So I saw Dr. Veith today and the uptake is now 19, which is pretty high and the tumer has grown another centimeter in both directions…  It is a little smaller than a baseball, measuring 5.3 cm x 4.6 cm.  A baseball is about 7.3 cm.   He is going to have me follow up with Dr. Siddhartha Padmanabha, or Dr. Sidd Padman for short to see what he thinks about doing some radiation treatment.

The areas that were treated by radiation in 2013, and followed up by the at the time, study drug, Opdivo, in 2015, have not shown any uptake or growing in size, so the thought here is to follow that same process of Radiation therapy followed by Opdivo.  We shall see what Dr. Sidd has to say.

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