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01/27/2016: 14th Round Infusion at MD Anderson.

01/27/2016: 03:00:  I am up.  Wanted to sleep to 3:30, but once your up your up. 03:30:  My wife and dad drive me to the airport and drop me off.  I am going to see how taking the first flight out of MSY (New Orleans) Airport works for my Houston schedule and MD Anderson.  I

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01/13/2016: PET Scan Results and 13th Infusion @MD Anderson

01/13/2016: 06:30: I am up, shower, and get ready to head out for my day around MD Anderson. 07:30: My numbing cream is on, and we head out the hotel room. 07:45: I check in for my bloodwork in the main building at the Diagnostic Center. 08:25: I am called to the back.  I get

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01/12/2016: PET Scan Results and 13th Infusion @MD Anderson

1/12/2016: 7:00:  Up we are. 8:00:  Uncle Victor picks us up and we head to the airport. 8:30: At the airport. 8:45:  Through security.  Takes longer to go through security with king cakes and warmer clothes for colder weather. 8:50:  Sitting at gate C6. 9:25:  Boarding begins. 9:40:  Push back from the gate. 9:47:  We

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