01/13/2016: PET Scan Results and 13th Infusion @MD Anderson


06:30: I am up, shower, and get ready to head out for my day around MD Anderson.

07:30: My numbing cream is on, and we head out the hotel room.

07:45: I check in for my bloodwork in the main building at the Diagnostic Center.

08:25: I am called to the back.  I get my normal bloodwork done, then they also do a matching bloodwork for a donor search for the stem cell transplant.  The first donor match is done by the same nurse drawing my labs, then I am moved to a second nurse for a second stick for a “verification draw” for the bloodwork to search for a donor.

09:00: I get to the 8th floor check in on the 8th floor at Wound Care etc to get my port accessed.

09:25: I get called to the back, get accessed and ready to go.

09:40: I head downstairs to the 6th floor and check in on the iPad for Dr. Rodriguez’s appointment.

09:43: I get texted to go to the front desk to get my paperwork I need to fill out.

09:50: I get texted to go to door C for vitals.

09:55: As I am coming out of Vitals, Michael sees me and calls me to the back.

10:15:  I see Dr. Rodriguez.  She has good news, another clean scan.  My numbers were a little high, but I explained to her after not eating for over 24 hours I had to eat.  It was also my birthday the day before so I splurged on some extra sweets and such, so be it that my numbers were high today.  LOL She is pleased with the results though and ready to go forward with another treatment.

10:30: Emily walks in and gives me my research documents that I need to fill out over the next two weeks and collects the previous documents that I have filled out and my document that I fill out with every scan for a more general overview.

10:45: All done with the doctor side of things, time to head down to the 2nd floor to the research center to get my infusion.

11:00: I check in with front desk and they give me my pager.

11:20: My pager goes off and we go to the back.  I get my vitals taken.  I am assigned to room 11.

12:30: My drugs are ready, but I need to wait for research to draw my blood.

13:30: I am still waiting for my blood to be drawn because the nurse was on lunch or something.  I tell them that I need to get out of there for 3:00 to get back to the airport to catch my flight.  Does that help things, not really, they say I will make it.

14:15:  I get my bloodwork done.

14:20: Finally my infusion starts.

15:10: I tell my wife and my parents to start heading to the light rail station.  I will catch up.

15:23: I am finally done with my infusion.  I start the 10 minute walk to the light rail station.

15:33: At the light rail station.  My wife has already bought my ticket, and as soon as we get to the light rail the light rail pulls up and we jump on.

15:57: We are at our light rail stop.  We jump off and walk the two blocks to the bus stop.

16:08: The bus pulls up and away we are on our final leg to the airport.

17:00: The bus pulls up at the airport at Terminal C.  Up the escalators.

17:02: At security.

17:10: Through security.

17:12: On the skyway to Terminal A.

17:15: At terminal A.

17:20: At the gate.

17:40: Boarding begins.

17:45: We are on the plane.

17:57: We push back.

18:00: In line to take off.

18:15: Take Off

19:07: Touch down.

19:15: I purchase a ticket for my next return flight via Spirit from the airport $16.11.

19:30:  Uncle Victor picks us up.

19:50: We arrive home.

20:15: My wife and I head over to Buffalo Wild Wings for Supper.

21:30: Another quick meal, over to my office to check on a server issue.

22:35: All done at the office, server issue resolved.

22:42: Back at home.  To bed I go.

22:59: ZzZzZzZzZ.  Always so easy to fall asleep following a trip to MD Anderson.

© Craig