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10/19/2016: PET Scan Results and 32nd Infusion @MD Anderson

06:30:  Up I am. 06:45:  Contrast sucks, bathroom one must go following oral contrast that is disgusting and a heavy drink for the CT portion of the scan yesterday.  Shower I get. 07:30:  I put my cream on my port area for my port access later.  Brush my teeth then pack everything up. 07:45: I

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10/18/2016: PET Scan @MD Anderson

05:15: Up I am. Normal routine, get dressed, check my bag to make sure everything is packed and ready to go. 06:00:  Uncle Victor picks up my mom, dad, and out we head.  My wife has midterms this week, so therefore she cannot join us on the trip and staying home to take care of

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10/05/2016: 31st Round Infusion at MD Anderson

10/05/2016: 00:00:  I am in the business computer lab, and I try to print my tickets.  I log into Spirit’s website, but then the computer restarts for the nightly maintenance they do on the computer.  I an unable to print my tickets so I will just have to do it in the morning. 00:15:  Back

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10/04/2016: 31st Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:10:  Up I am and prepped I get. 05:30:  All packed up and ready to go.  My youngest sister, Sarah, is taking the trip with me this time.  My wife has school and work and unable to make the trip with me. 05:50:  To the airport we head. 06:10:  At the airport we arrive, and

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