10/05/2016: 31st Round Infusion at MD Anderson


00:00:  I am in the business computer lab, and I try to print my tickets.  I log into Spirit’s website, but then the computer restarts for the nightly maintenance they do on the computer.  I an unable to print my tickets so I will just have to do it in the morning.

00:15:  Back in the hotel room I am.

00:30:  In bed I go and to sleep I drift.

06:30:  Up I am.

07:00:  Shower I get.

07:20:  Done with the shower, dressed I get.

07:35:  Numbing cream goes on and covered with saran wrap.

07:40:  Teeth I brush.

07:45:  Blog catching up on I do.

07:55:  Packing up my laptop and checking my room I do, then heading downstairs to check out.

08:00:  Going down to check out and the print up tickets I will.

08:10:  I try to print up my ticket but my seats that I reserved were no longer there.  I saw them Monday night when I printed up yesterday’s tickets.  I think what happened is last night when I was trying to print up the tickets I was waiting for the page to load to show me my tickets and that is when the computer restarted on me for the nightly updates MD Anderson does.  So that may have opened up my seats while transferring from reservations to seat assignments for the actual boarding pass.

08:15:  We head out to the skywalk as I am on the phone with Spirit.  She asks me if I made any changes last night, I tell her I didn’t, she says that she can only refund me for one seat, I told her I want both seats refunded since I wanted to sit next to my sister for the trip back.  She said that could do this.  I got my $60 refunded back to my card.

08:55:  I get off the phone with Spirit and I just need to check in now to get my random tickets.

08:56:  My temp research nurse is in the waiting area and she takes my journal and gives me a new one.

09:02:  I check in on the iPad.

09:04:  I get a text to go to the front desk and get my wristband.

09:08:  I get a text to go to the hibiscus hallway for my vitals.  I have a 99.1 temp, prob goes with my sick symptoms, sore throat, coughing, running nose, congestion, etc.

09:20:  All done with vitals.

09:25:  Michael grabs me, we go into the back and he does his quick nurse interview.

09:30:  Back out int he waiting room.

09:45:  Michael brings me back again this time to wait for the doctor, I am in room 28.

10:20:  Dr. Rodriguez shows up, bloodwork is fine, the normal elevations in liver is there, nothing drastic like the witheld time.  She goes through the quick overview, then tells me the orders are signed for my labs and sends me on my way.

10:31:  I check in upstairs on the 8th floor at the Infusion Therapy Clinic for my port access.

11:00:  I finish catching up my blog waiting to be called to the back for my port access.

11:10:  I am called to the back.

11:20:  All done getting accessed.  Down to the second floor I head.

11:25:  I check in at the CTRC center.  They are running behind today.

12:30:  I get called to the back and vitals taken.

12:40:  I am assigned room 13.  I put my stuff in my room and go back to get my O2 level taken again.

12:45: I am getting setup in my room.

13:10:  I get my menu to order lunch.

13:35:  My medicine arrives.

13:40:  Verification check of me and my medicine, and I am hooked up.

13:44:  My lunch is delivered.

13:45:  My drug starts.

14:45:  My drug stops and flush starts.

14:55:  Flush all done, time to be deaccessed and then head out.  Packing up…

15:00:  Heading out.

15:05:  Bathroom break.

15:10:  Skywalk.

15:20: Outside the Duncan building.  Got to walk in rain from Duncan building to rail, 2 blocks.

15:25:  On the rail.

15:38:  Off the light rail.  Across her street we walk.

15:40:  At the bus station for the 102 express bus downtown.

15:55: On the bus.  HOV lane on 45 closed so we have to take the regular interstate and drive in traffic.

17:20:  We get to the airport.  We go downstairs and try to walk it and see the subway is a fraction quicker than walking but slower than the skyway.  We are stuck taking the subway because the skyway is only past security.  My sister calculates it’s about a half a mile from terminal C to terminal A.

My sister runs to get our boarding passes as it says check in with an agent by 17:27.

17:34:  My sister has our boarding passes she printed at the kiosk.

17:36:  We are at TSA at terminal A and there is no line at all, not even one person.

17:40:  Through security we are.

17:42:  At the gate we are, not even boarding yet.  I go grab a drink for the flight and go back to the gate area.

17:55:  Boarding begins.

18:08:  I am in the plane inky seat, 7C, well actually my sisters seat, since she is smaller we switched seats because I didn’t want to sit in the middle seat.

18:19:  Door closed.

18:21:  Pushing back.

18:30: Take off.

19:19:  Touchdown.

© Craig