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06/29/2016: PET Scan Results and 25th Infusion @MD Anderson

07:00: Up I am.  Shower I get. 07:30: Done the cleaning process aka shower. I apply my numbing cream for my port access. 08:00: All packed up. I head downstairs to the first floor, take the detour outside and back inside and to the business center and print out the boarding passes for the plane

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06/28/2016: PET Scan @MD Anderson

06:00:  Up I am. 06:30: Uncle vic pics up my mom, wife and I.  My dad has work… 06:53: At the airport. 07:00: Our bags get pulled to the side going through tea. Just too much mouthwash in mine and toothpaste too large in my wife’s bag. 07:05: Through security. 07:42: I get an email

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06/15/2016: 24th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

00:00: Still at the park eating my Pizza. 00:15: All done with my two slices of Pizza, back to my hotel room I head with my left over pizza and sodas for breakfast. 00:30:  I am back at the hotel room. I tell my wife what I ate and she is wanting some, so back

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06/14/2016: 24th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

06/14/2016 05:00:  Up we are. 05:30: On our way to the airport.  My dad is dropping my wife and I off at the airport. 05:45:  At the airport. 05:50:  In the TSA line. 06:10:  Through TSA. 06:15:  Sitting across from gate C6 waiting for the Spirit flight to Atlanta to take off before moving to

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06/01/2016: 23rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

07:00:  Up and into shower. 07:30:  Some left over pizza from last night out the fridge for breakfast. 08:00:  I had a client with some issues yesterday with internet at their office.  I start following up with that. 08:45:  I am done resolving those issues, just a loose power cable probably from the client doing

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