06/14/2016: 24th Round Infusion at MD Anderson


05:00:  Up we are.

05:30: On our way to the airport.  My dad is dropping my wife and I off at the airport.

05:45:  At the airport.

05:50:  In the TSA line.

06:10:  Through TSA.

06:15:  Sitting across from gate C6 waiting for the Spirit flight to Atlanta to take off before moving to my gate.

07:35: We move to the gate.

08:05: Boarding begins.

08:10: Sitting on the plane. Big front seats row 3 today.

08:48: Doors closed.

08:51: Pushing back. See you in Houston.

09:05: Takeoff.

09:55: Touchdown.

10:18: Getting on the skyway.

10:21: Off the skyway.

10:25: At the bus stop.

10:41: On the 102 Express Bus.

10:46: Leaving the airport.

11:45: Off the bus.

11:51: At the lightrail station

12:02: On the light rail.

12:34: Off the light rail at the end of the line at Fanin South.

12:47: Onto the 73 bus to Hobby Airport to check it out for two weeks when my dad flies into hobby airport after work so he can be here on Wednesday for my scan results

13:15: At Hobby Airport. We go walk around to get familiar with the lobby so I can meet my dad in two weeks when he comes in through hobby.

13:30: All done, back in the 73 bus back to the fanin south transit center to catch the light rail back to MD Anderson.

14:05: Off the 73 bus.

14:07: On the light rail.

14:18: Off the lightrail. Rushing to get my hotel room so no can get a client back up who said they had a real bad thunderstorm and lighting struck close to the building and they came out unscathed except for one phone, computer, and printer that doesn’t have network connectivity. This client had a direct hit 4 years ago=

14:30: I check in at the front desk which is relocated to another part of the hotel because the hotel is undergoing renovations.

14:45: In the hotel room. I get all setup and start checking things and able to eventually walk them through resolving the issue.

15:45: All done with the tech work. Time to go get my bloodwork done. I head over to the main building and go to the diagnostic center on the second floor.

16:00: I check in.

16:05: I am called to the back.

16:20: All done with the bloodwork.

16:30: Back in the hotel room. Catch up on some emails.

17:15: Out to dinner we head.

17:20: We stop for some froyo.

17:30: Out back to the city we head.

17:45: Leaving the Duncan building.

17:55: On the lightrail.

18:23: Off the light rail.

18:30: We head into SpringBOK. I get there wild boar sloppy Joe.

19:30:  Food was great and we are stuffed. My wife and I take a walk down Main street for about 5 blocks checking out eateries for future visits.

19:45:  We jump on the light rail and head back to MD Anderson.

20:20:  We are back at MD Anderson and grab some FroYo.

21:00:  Back in the hotel room.  I jump on a few things that need to be taken care of remotely.

23:30:  I head downstairs but can’t access the skyway because they have locked the restaurant and since parts of the hotel are under construction the skyway is directly inaccessible, so I go to the frontdesk and tell me I can walk to the parking garage and then go to the 4th floor of the parking garage to access the second level on the other side of the restaurant which is the skyway and access the main building from there, or if I want I can walk across the street and enter through the main doors.  I opt to enter through the main doors as it is a more direct route.

23:45:  I am in the park.  They have chicken fried steak, country gravy and I choose the red mashed potatoes as my side.  It is lunchtime for the night staff, and this is one of their choices of meal for the night shift that begins to be served around 23:30.  It’s better than our normal spin on hospital food too.  I take that and a few Diet Dr. Peppers.

23:55: I order a small personal pepperoni pizza.  I will eat two slices and will save the other two for breakfast.

23:59:  Enjoying my pizza.

© Craig