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05/31/2016: 23rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:00:  Up 05:15: Wake the Wife. 05:36:  Out the house. 06:51:  My dad drops my wife and I off at the airport. 05:59:  Through the security checkpoint.  No line at all. 06:05:  Just aimlessly walking around. 06:10:  Sitting at gate C7 across from C6 waiting for the 7:35 Spirit flight to Atlanta to board so

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05/18/2016: 22nd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30:  Up and about. 03:55:  Out the house.  My dad driving my wife and I. 04:10:  At the airport. 04:27:  Through security. 04:30:  Sitting at gate D6 across from D5, our gate. 04:31:  The crew load the plane.  10 minutes to boarding. 04:40: Boarding begins. 04:44: I am in my seat in the plane. 05:03:

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05/04/2016: 21st Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30:  Up I am. 03:55:  In the car on the way to the airport, my dad driving and my wife tagging along to drop me off. 04:10: At the airport. 04:20:  Through security. 04:24: Sitting at the gate, updating the blog. 04:35: They announce we will be boarding in 5 minutes. 04:38: Boarding begins. 04:41:

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