05/18/2016: 22nd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

03:30:  Up and about.

03:55:  Out the house.  My dad driving my wife and I.

04:10:  At the airport.

04:27:  Through security.

04:30:  Sitting at gate D6 across from D5, our gate.

04:31:  The crew load the plane.  10 minutes to boarding.

04:40: Boarding begins.

04:44: I am in my seat in the plane.

05:03: Door closing. About to push back.

05:13: Pushing back. See you in Houston.

05:24: Take off.

06:12: Touchdown.

06:20: At the gate.

06:26: Off the plane. Walking from gate E-11 to terminal C to catch the 102 Bus.

06:35: At the baggage claim area downstairs in terminal C’s bathroom for a bathroom break and putting on my lidocaine numbing cream.

06:38: Waiting at the bus stop.

06:50: On the 102 express bus from the airport to downtown.

07:47: Off the express bus. Walking to the light rail.

07:50: Scan our day passes before entering the station platform.

07:57: The train arrives and on we hop.

08:18: Off the light rail. Heading to Duncan building.

08:24: Off the elevator walking over to the may’s clinic.

08:25: I check in at the Diagnostic Center.

08:43: I am called to the back.

08:50: All done. Heading over the skywalk to the main building.

09:00: I check in at the infusion therapy clinic to get my port accessed.

09:26: I am called to the back to get my port accessed.

09:31: All accessed. Heading down to the sixth floor for my doctors appointment.

09:36: I check in at the Lymphoma Center.

09:39: I get called to the back for vitals.

09:44: All done with vitals.

9:50: Michael comes and gets us from the waiting area. We go back to the exam room. Usual medical review, medicines, symptoms, etc. Michael then goes and let’s the doctor and nurse know I am here.

10:35: Dr. Rodriguez and Emily come in. Bloodwork is in and numbers are good. A quick examination is done and everything is good to go for the next treatment. Dr. Rodriguez told me that the drug nivolumab/opdivo just became approved by the FDA yesterday for treatment of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

10:51: I head down to the second floor to the Clinical and Translational Research Center.

10:55: I check in for my treatment.

11:15: I am called to the back. Vitals taken. I am assigned room 7. I go put my stuff down and then go back for a follow up oxygenation/pulse ox test.

12:30: My drug is dripping into me.

13:30: All done with the drug, flushing starts.

13:40: I am deaccessed. I finish up some work and bathroom break.

14:15: Done here, packed up, heading back to the light rail station.

14:32: Out of the Duncan building heading to the light rail.

14:37: At the light rail station.

14:40: On the light rail.

15:02: Off the light rail.

15:15: On the 102 express bus to the airport.

16:09: Off the bus. At the airport.

16:15: In the TSA line.

16:38: Through TSA.

16:39: Heading up to the skyway.

16:41: On the skyway.

16:58: Off the skyway after some joy riding from C to A then A to D/E then D/E back to A.

17:50: Boarding begins.

18:00: We are on the plane.

18:30: Pushing back. See you in New Orleans.

18:42: Takeoff.

19:27: Touchdown – Taxing to the gate.

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