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04/05/2021: Dr. Veith – 1st Radiaton Treatment of 20 Treatments – Dr. Padman

10:00:  I meet with Dr. Veith.  I tell him my first radiation treatment of 20 starts today at 1PM.  4 weeks, M-F of treatment.  He says the plan is to do the 4 weeks of treatment then, then meet with him again once treatment is done, order another PET/CT scan, and then follow up with

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03/25/2021: Dr. Sidd Padman – Radiation Oncology – PET Scan Follow Up

I met with Dr. Padman today, and he says this is a very treatable size area to do Radiation treatment on.  He says we will do 4 weeks of treatment, 5 days a week.  He shows me the scans on his computer in his office as well and shows the area he will be treating,

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03/24/2021: Dr. Veith – PET Scan Follow Up

So I saw Dr. Veith today and the uptake is now 19, which is pretty high and the tumer has grown another centimeter in both directions…  It is a little smaller than a baseball, measuring 5.3 cm x 4.6 cm.  A baseball is about 7.3 cm.   He is going to have me follow up with

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03/03/2021: PET/CT Scan @ EJGH

This scan is to follow up from the scan from last year.  Following a not at fault car accident on November 29, 2020, with the CT Scans showing a cracked Sternum as well a larger size of the para-aortic lymph node that needs to be followed up with.  After a denial from the insurance company,

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03/05/2020: PET/CT Scan @ EJGH

To follow up on the last PET/CT Scan I had at Tulane that showed something in my abdomen, time for a scan with Dr. Veith at EJGH to see what has happened over the last 8 months.

07/03/2019: PET SCAN @ TULANE

Just a follow up PET SCAN for Dr. Safah back in New Orleans.  No symptoms, or any issues, just checking on things…

09/12/2018: I Discontinue the Opdvio/Nivolumab Study

08:30:  I call my research nurse Deborah and ask her questions about the study. The main reason being is that MD Anderson has been saying they have been getting preapprovals and doing everything right, but the insurance company just isn’t pay at in network levels, like the insurance company said they would and the insurance

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05/16/2018: CT Scan Results

00:15:  Dee and I head back to the hotel room from The Park. 00:25:  Back at the hotel room. 00:35: ZzZzZzZzZ 09:30:  Up I am. 10:10:  Out the hotel room we check.  Then over the skybridge to the main building, then up Elevator B to the 6th floor. 10:19:  I check in at the 6th

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05/15/2018 – CT Scan @ MD Anderson

Another trip to Houston, however the PET/CT scans are over, just CT scans now to monitor the size of the locations of where the active tumors were.  If they grow or change size then a PET scan will be ordered to. 06:00:  Up I am. 06:30: To the airport. 06:45: At the airport. 06:55: Through

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10/10/2017: PET Scan @MD Anderson

Another trip to Houston for another PET/CT Scan to check on my status. 07:00: Out the house. 07:15: At the airport. 08:05: Boarding begins. 08:15: In the plane, not on the plane, I am inside the plane… 08:38: Take off. 09:26: Touch down. 10:22: On the metro express 102 bus to downtown. 11:21: At the

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07/12/2017: PET Scan Results

Everything was good on the scan, and still in remission.  There is just one spot to watch in the back vertebra. But could be a false positive from maybe an injury. I will return in 3 month to MD Anderson for a follow up PET/CT to confirm a false positive/ injury or if it’s still

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07/11/2017: PET Scan @MD Anderson

Another scan day. At MD Anderson today for a follow up PET/CT scan.  Hoping for the best, but keeping my options open just in case, as it helps make the news not as devastating if bad, but that much sweeter if good.  I feel fine, so that’s what counts. 06:00: Up 07:00:  Out the house.

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If You Build It, They Will Come – 06/16/2017

At the Shrine on airline, aka Zephyrs field before the Baby Cakes game. My dad and I were playing catch on the field and Dwier Brown walks up and asks to join us!  So we both got to throw a few with John Kinsella from the movie Field of Dreams.

04/11/2017: MD Anderson Follow Up

Time for my 3 month check up with Dr. Rodriguez for the study follow up.  My last infusion was December 27, 2016. 00:00:  Finish packing my bag. 01:45:  Done organizing and scanning my receipts and making a summary of the receipts for reimbursement of travel, hotel, and meal expenses for the study for my two

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12/27/2016: 37th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:20: Up I am. 05:30:  Ready am I. 05:45:  Ready is the wife finally… 05:50:  Out the door we head. 06:00:  At the airport we are. 06:15:  Through security we are. 06:25:  At the gate we sit.  Dee catches some Zzzzzzzs. 08:20:  Boarding begins. 08:25: I go up to the counter and ask the clerk

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12/15/2016: Head & Neck Surgeon Appointment at MD Anderson

00:20:  All done at the park, back to the hotel room my mom and I head. 00:30:  Back at the hotel room we are.  I do a few more things on my small laptop. 01:30:  To sleep I go. 09:00:  Up I am.  Quick shower and get dressed i get. 09:40:  Out the hotel room

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12/14/2016: 36th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

00:00: At the park we still are. 00:44:  Done at the park, back to the hotel room we head. 01:00:  Back in the hotel room we are.  I get back on my laptop and do a few things. 03:00:  To sleep I get. 07:30:  Up I am.  Ready I get. 08:40:  Out the room we

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12/13/2016: 36th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

12/13/2016: 00:00: Still working at a client location with my Dad running network cables, changing the configuration of their network, and installing a wireless access point. 00:15:  Wrapping up the job. 00:30:  Home my Dad and I are. 00:45:  A salad I eat. 01:30: I print up my mom and I’s boarding passes and pay

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11/30/2016: 35th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

11/30/2016: 00:00: Still in the park. 00:22:  All done at the park.  We make our way back to the hotel room. 00:30:  Back in the hotel room. 01:00:  To sleep I go. 07:30:  Up I am.  Shower and dressed I get. 08:30:  Leftover Cold Pizza for breakfast, great stuff! 09:15:  I check out of the

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11/29/2016: 35th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

02:00:  I finish ordering parts for a client for a project that I am working on.  To sleep I go. 05:30:  Up I am, dressed I get. 05:57: Out we head. 06:19:  My dad drops off my mom and I at the airport.  My wife has school & work, so she doesn’t get to come.

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11/16/2016:  34th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

0:00:  In the hotel room, I get on my laptop, eat some of the peanut butter bar, order items and wrap up what I need to jump on an restoration for the weekend. 02:00:  All done.  Time for me to go to sleep… 06:00:  Up I am. 06:30:  Shower I get. 07:00:  Finish ordering things

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11/15/2016:  34th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:30:  Up I am. 05:45:  I check a few things on client servers and services. 06:00:  Dressed and ready I get. 06:25:  Uncle Victor picks me, my mom and dad up.  Dee has school and work so she is staying home. 06:40:  At the airport we are. 09:06: Takeoff we do 10:08: Touchown. 11:08:  The

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11/02/2016: 33rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

11/2/2016: 00:20:  I finish checking up with Dee, and then head back upstairs.  I browse the TV channels. 01:30: ZzZzZzZzZzZz… 06:30:  Up I am, and shower I get. 07:30:  I put on my numbing cream. 07:50:  Out of room 432 we head.  I head down to the 1st floor 08:00:  I check out of the

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11/01/2016: 33rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson

11/01/2016: Another trip to Houston, possibly the one of the last few I have left considering my study is about to run out. 05:30: Up I am. 06:13:  Out the door we head. 06:30:  At the airport, my dad drops me off. 06:45:  Through security.  I get my normal zero vitamin waters, lemonade as usual,

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10/19/2016: PET Scan Results and 32nd Infusion @MD Anderson

06:30:  Up I am. 06:45:  Contrast sucks, bathroom one must go following oral contrast that is disgusting and a heavy drink for the CT portion of the scan yesterday.  Shower I get. 07:30:  I put my cream on my port area for my port access later.  Brush my teeth then pack everything up. 07:45: I

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