04/11/2017: MD Anderson Follow Up

Time for my 3 month check up with Dr. Rodriguez for the study follow up.  My last infusion was December 27, 2016.

00:00:  Finish packing my bag.

01:45:  Done organizing and scanning my receipts and making a summary of the receipts for reimbursement of travel, hotel, and meal expenses for the study for my two trips in January 2017.

02:15:  To bed i go.

05:00: Up I am.

05:45:  My dad drives my wife and I to the airport.

06:06:  At the airport we are.  My wife finishes her coffee before going through security.

06:30:  In the security line we get.

06:40:  Through the security line.

06:45: My bag goes into the scanner, and sure enough “Bag Check”

06:50:  My bag is checked, nothing wrong, just the wallet and open zipper creating a suspicious image.

07:00:  Sitting at the gate.

08:05: Boarding begins.  I hang around till the end and ask if any exit row sests available.  There are, so we get upgraded from 28E&F to 12A&B, the exit row seats.

08:30:  We board the plane

08:33:  In out seats we are sitting.

09:01: Take Off

09:57: Touch down.  This is the first time I have landed on this runway, only because of the strong Easterly winds, no normal Westward landing today.

10:02:  At the gate we are.

10:05:  Off the plane we go.

10:07: Bathroom break.

10:15:  We start walking down to the skyway.

10:23: We get on the skyway.

10:27:  Off the skyway we get.

10:32:  At the bus stop.

10:46:  On the bus.  Not the normal travel bus, but one of those extended bus with the back end that swivels.  The seats in the bus have been redone and with plenty of new padded seats for the hour bus trip.

11:57:  Off the bus we get.  Some rain here in Houston, so slower speeds.  We walk through the light drizzle to the light rail station.

12:00: At the light rail station.

12:01:  On the light rail we get and head towards MD Anderson.

12:18:  Off the light rail, we wait under the light rail covering until the light sequence gets close to where the walk signal to cross the street will be just turning on as we get to the street.  We then walk in the light rain and make it to the Ducan Building, just a little wet, but not too bad.

12:22:  Into the Duncan Building we head.

12:30:  At the elevators in the hotel waiting to go to the ground floor to check in.  Seems like only 1 elevator is working.

12:35:  I check in on the first floor.  We have room 1141 tonight.  Back to the elevator to wait to go up to the 11th floor.

12:40: At the hotel room, check my schedule.

13:15:  I head out and head over to the main building.  The lab has moved from the second floor of the main building near elevator A to the tenth floor of the main building near elevator B.

13:35:  I check in for my blood work.  During the waiting time we are told to check the boards and that this is a new system and that they will not be calling names, just posting names on the board.

14:15:  They start calling everyone’s names because it seems that their board system is not working and people are not heading to the back or just not paying attention.

14:25:  I get called to the back to a second waiting room, where I move chairs 5 times at their request, they have no idea what they are doing with this new system.

14:30:  I finally get to go to get my blood taken.

14:35:  Two tubs of blood filled, all done here.  I try to head to my CTRC lab for tomorrow to see if I can get my bloodwork done in advance there to.  So I walk over to elevator A.

14:40:  At elevator A.

14:43:  In elevator A on the 10th, I go down to the 1st.

14:47:  I ask if I can get my lab work done today.  They check and say that they are full to capacity today and that they will not be able to do any bloodwork today, that’s fine, just thought I’d ask.

15:00:  I am back at the hotel room.  I grab a few things, then head downstairs to the ground floor of the hotel and into the Business Center where there are 4 computers for me to use.  I get on one and start catching up on some admin work, sending out some billing, and following up with a billing issue that a client is having with a third party vendor for their internet.

16:30:  All caught up with work for now that I can do remotely.  I log into my blog and update today.

16:45:  Now that today is updated, time to go update a few past days that I have left blank…

© Craig