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08/26/2015: 3rd Treatment @ MD Anderson

08/26/2015: 3rd Treatment @ MD Anderson 1:15: On the road to Houston, TX.  I am driving. 6:30: We arrive at MD Anderson.  All parked in Parking Garage 10. 6:45: I sign in for lab work. 7:00: All done with lab work, heading to the Lymphoma Center. 7:10: At the Lymphoma Center.  I setup my laptop

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08/16/2015: Fatigue

08/16/2015: I get a good 8 hours rest. Then get up, eat, still sluggish. then 3 hours later, I am taking another 3 hour nap. So yes the fatigue is starting to set in.  Other than that, everything else is going well.

08/15/2015: Fatigue Starting

08/15/2015: I can feel the fatigue starting to set in.  I sleep later than usual, and there is some resistance and not the just jump out of bed and ready to go feeling. Other than that a normal Saturday.  Setting up Maps for Gaming with the Clan on Saturday Nights doing some Call of Duty

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08/12/2015: 2nd Treatment @ MD Anderson

1:15: We hit the road, I am driving.  My wife, dad, and mom are along with me for the trip. 6:30: We are in the parking garage.  5 hour 15 minute drive. 6:40: I check in at Lab for then to pull my bloodwork. 7:00:  All done.  We go to the Anderson Cafe for breakfast. 

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