08/12/2015: 2nd Treatment @ MD Anderson

1:15: We hit the road, I am driving.  My wife, dad, and mom are along with me for the trip.

6:30: We are in the parking garage.  5 hour 15 minute drive.

6:40: I check in at Lab for then to pull my bloodwork.

7:00:  All done.  We go to the Anderson Cafe for breakfast.  I get a chicken biscuit from Chik Filet.

7:40: I check in on the iPads they have by the frontdesk.

8:00: I get called to the back for vitals.

8:10: I am on my latop, checking on a few things for clients and also catching up my blog.

09:00: They take all of us into the back, the nurse goes over a number of questions.

09:20: The fellow comes in and ask ne questions about pains, swellings, issues, and such over the past two weeks. He listens to me breathing and my heart. He also feels for lymphnodes. He doesn’t feel any.

09:40: Dr. Rodriguez sees me. She goes over everything I told the fellow. She says she will try doing an anti inflammatory to prevent the swelling and hopefully the pain from the tumor flare.

09:55: Emily comes in and finishes up with Dr. Rodriguez, then collects my journal logs she gave me to fill out everyday on bow I feel, symptoms and such. She will add an Aleve to the post infusion to hopefully prevent the pain experienced last time on the drive home.

10:05: I am all done with the lymphoma center. Time to head to the pharmacology area where they will do blood work for the study and also access my port and start the second drug infusion.

10:25: I check in at the pharmacology area.

10:45: Waiting for them to take me back.

11:30: They take me into the back.

12:00: The nurse accesses my port.

12:45: They draw my blood.

12:50: They start the infusion.

1:50: The infusion is done.

2:00: Potty breaks before hitting the road.

2:30: Back on the road.

8:30: Back home!  No pain on the road this time around.

11:00: ZzZzZzZzZzZz!  Don’t take long to fall asleep on infusion days!

© Craig