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Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +101 – PET/CT Scan #6 Results

09/19/2013: 6:00: I am awaken for my normal vitals and pills… 6:15: I am back asleep. 8:30: I am up.  My dad is getting ready to go have some medical test done himself. 9:10: My mom gives me my Lovenox Injection, and then off to testing the head. 9:30: I jump in the bath/shower…  Last

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Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +100

09/18/2013: DAY 100 🙂  PET/CT Scan Day! 5:30: Woken up for regular vitals and medicine and the darn Lovenox shot… 5:50: Back in bed, attempting to rest a little more, but that never happens. 7:15: I am up, time for my shower before heading off to the hospital. 7:55: My dad and I are headed

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Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +93

09/11/2013: 5:30: Vitals, oh joy… 9:30: I am up. I get on the computer and start doing some administrative work, checking on a few things and making some changes to some internal network configurations. 12:00: I take a break, toast 2 bagels and butter them and have my brunch 😛 12:30: Back on the computer,

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