Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +101 – PET/CT Scan #6 Results


6:00: I am awaken for my normal vitals and pills…

6:15: I am back asleep.

8:30: I am up.  My dad is getting ready to go have some medical test done himself.

9:10: My mom gives me my Lovenox Injection, and then off to testing the head.

9:30: I jump in the bath/shower…  Last time I’ll be taking one of these, back to a regular shower tomorrow!

10:00: On my computer at the house checking a few emails before heading over to the office.

10:30: My wife heads off to school, and I finish getting ready to head to the office.

10:40: I am out of the house.  Since both of my parents are home, and they are together, that leaves a car home, so I take their car to my office.

11:00: I get to my office.  I go downstairs and pick up a few packages that were dropped off for me.

11:15: After two trips downstairs I have all my packages in my office.  Some nice driftwood to add to my aquarium, only problem is its drifts, and doesn’t sink, lol.  Oh well, will have to let it soak for a few days to let it sink on it’s own.  Once it does, I’ll take the Java moss that I have and partially wrap the driftwood.  Just preparing it for some red cherry shrimp that I want to start keeping.  It’s a small tank, too small for a good fish display, so it’ll work for starting up some Red Cherry Shrimp production for a pond and other aquariums I plan on bringing online in the next year or two…

12:00: Time for me to head on home and get to my Doctor’s Appointment…

12:15: I get home, throw some plants into my pond in the backyard that arrived in the mail yesterday, just been sitting at the office since I didn’t get the packages from downstairs yesterday.

12:20: I throw on some Lidocaine cream to start the numbing process so I don’t feel the prick of the needle when they access my port.

12:30: Off to Tulane we go.

12:45: I check in at the front desk.

12:55: We are shown to the back for my appointment.

1:15: The nurse attempts to access my port, accessing is easy, but no pull back, after a few attempts we decide it will be easier to get the blood from my arm since my veins are starting to return…

1:20: Dr. Safah walks in and starts going over the results from the PET/CT Scan.  Dr. Safah was overall very pleased with the results of the PET/CT scan and is ready to move onto the final stage of her treatment which is the Radiation Therapy.  This scan looked better than any of my other scans.  2 small areas of activity were detected, but they are unsure if this is just normal uptake of glucose, or inflammation from different variables since the amounts were so small or disease left over.  To be safe, these areas are going to be radiated with radiation therapy.  This will include my chest and my neck.  Since I had large masses in my chest, they were planning on hitting these areas anyway with radiation to shrink the size of the scar tissue left from the tumors since the tumor cell structure will not just disappear on their own.  So radiation was already in the plans, just now we are going to use it to also make sure that there is no left over disease along with tissue shrinkage, which they tell me is a common practice.  The radiation treatment would take place 5 days a week, for 4 weeks.  This process can be tiring and cause fatigue.  The radiation treatment could start as early as next or the following week.  Test Results Can Be Seen Here

2:00: Back to taking blood, the nurse tries to stick me, but she has no luck.  She wants to call another nurse in, but I offer to have my mom do it, since she is a CRNA.  She sticks me and gets it.  We fill up a half a tube, but then it stops flowing.  She thinks she blew the vein, so time to stick me again.  She gets me a second time, we fill up the second tube half way and it stops again, I say lets try switching tubes, and sure enough as soon as we switch, the third tube fills up with no issues.  The issue with the first two tubes were probably the air being pulled out of the line on the butterfly needles before it gets to the tubes.

2:45: We are done, and out of the office.

3:15: We are home.

3:30: My dad and I go in the backyard and construct a fence to keep the dogs away from the back fence where a the back yard neighbor’s huge dog likes to run at the fence and jump in it when they are near it, sooner or later that big dog is going to come through the fence because he has been knocking boards loose.  So this fence will keep them away from that other fence and keep that other dog from beating up the fence as much.

4:00: We are done with that project and head inside.

4:30: My wife and mom head off to the store to pick up some chicken wing sauces since we are going to have chicken wings tonight.  We picked them up from Sam’s on Sunday, and now they just need to be cooked.

4:45: I start working on replacing the screen on my wife’s phone because the digitizer has started messing up on items on the bottom of her screen.

6:00: My wife and mom return with the sauces.  Most importantly, they have brought Buster back home. 🙂IMAG0823

6:15: My dad starts cooking the food, and I look up a video online about the screen replacement since I have run into a stopping point and can’t figure out the next step since there are no screws left to undo to remove the screen itself to run a ribbon cable behind it.

6:25: My wife and mom are off to CVS and Walgreens for some items.

6:30: I figure out the screen and finally get it popped off.  I then thread the new screen cable and put the screen back and the covering back.  I then reassemble the whole phone, and it works as good as new…

8:00: Supper is ready, chicken is fresh off the BBQ Pit.  My wife and mom get home at the same time too.  My dad mixes up the sauces on the chicken.

9:00: In bed, watching TV.  Buster just laying on the floor.

10:00: Vitals and then ZzZzZz shortly after…

11:59: Another day over with 😛


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