About This Blog

This blog is about the story of my journey with handling the news that I have Lymphoma, and the journey through diagnosing it properly, treatment, and conquering it.  Once I received the news, I started doing tons of research on Lymphoma about the causes, symptoms, staging, treatments, and everything else that goes along with my form of cancer.  I would stay up 2 to 3 hours laying in bed at night researching all the different types of Lymphoma’s there was and everything that had to go along with each one.  Not knowing what you have and the unknown is the hardest part.  There was plenty of general information about everything, along with some blogs here and there of personal experiences through treatment, but not much in complete depth.  My goal on this blog is to provide a complete experience of all my doctor visits, Xray, CT, and PET Scans, my outpatient biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, pulmonary test, Echocardiogram, visits with my oncologist, and each treatment visit along with how I feel on each day through out my treatment.  This will hopefully give an overall picture to those who will come behind me facing the same obstacle of Lymphoma and the fear of the unknown.  Hopefully this will give some comfort and preparation and knowing what to expect by being able to read what I went through.

This blog is also for family, friends, and clients to keep an update on my situation.  I figured this would be the simplest way to update people rather than having to repeat myself over and over and over again every time someone had a question about how are you doing now, what stage is it in, have you started treatment yet, what kind of treatment, how long is treatment going to be for, and many more questions.  So this is to answer most if not all your questions.


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