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Chemo Type 3 Cycle 3 – Infusion Day

04/26/2013: 8:00: I wake up, let Buster out. 8:10: I jump in the shower. 8:20: I jump out the shower. 8:25: Bending over to pick something up, I pop my nail off of its nail bed   again…  I popped it off the nail bed last week and put some Dermabond on it to hold it

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Chemo Type 3 Cycle 2 + 15 – Crawfish :)

04/20/2013: 10:00: I wake up, time to go outside and start prepping for the crawfish boil.  My dad is off picking up the two sacks of crawfish… 10:30: My dad gets home with the crawfish.  He puts them in the shade and wets them down… 11:00: I start defrosting some shrimp by running multiple small

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Chemo Type 3 Cycle 2 – Infusion Day

04/05/2013: 8:20: I am awake. 8:25: I let Buster out. 8:30: I jump in the shower. 8:45: I jump out the shower. 8:50: I put on the Lidocane cream along with the saran wrap on my skin over the port area. 9:00: I am heading out the house. 9:15: I get to Tulane. 9:20: I

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