Chemo Type 3 Cycle 2 – Infusion Day


8:20: I am awake.

8:25: I let Buster out.

8:30: I jump in the shower.

8:45: I jump out the shower.

8:50: I put on the Lidocane cream along with the saran wrap on my skin over the port area.

9:00: I am heading out the house.

9:15: I get to Tulane.

9:20: I sign in at the front desk.

9:35: I walk myself back to infusion.

9:45: I get my weight: 261, blood pressure, and temperature taken.

9:50: I pick my chair in the infusion room and setup my laptop.

10:20:  The nurse accesses my port and pulls blood for my blood work.

10:30: Just sitting back here updating my blog…

12:00: The blood results come back and they are ready to start my chemo infusion.

12:15: They hook me up to the chemo and pump it in.

12:45: Chemo is all done pumping in.  The nurse turns on the flush to flush the rest of the chemo out of the line.

1:00 The flush is done.  The nurse starts to deaccess my port, removing the patch over the needle and then pulls the needle out!

1:15: I am walking out, I stop by the front desk and get my parking pass validated.

1:30: I am in the car, heading back to my office.

1:45: I get to my office and start doing some work and catching up on a few different things.

7:00: I am done at work for today, time to head on home and relax.

7:15: I get home, and grab a bite to eat.

7:45: I am laying in bed, on my laptop, watching TV, and just relaxing

8:30: I doze off and take a nap…

11:30: I wake up, that was a good nap…  I go back to doing a few things on the laptop.

11:59: Another day gone!

© Craig