Stem Cell Transplant: Day: +100


DAY 100 🙂  PET/CT Scan Day!IMAG0816

5:30: Woken up for regular vitals and medicine and the darn Lovenox shot…

5:50: Back in bed, attempting to rest a little more, but that never happens.

7:15: I am up, time for my shower before heading off to the hospital.

7:55: My dad and I are headed to Tulane.  Traffic Heavy on the I-10, so we get off at Airline/Tulane and take that way in.IMAG0815

8:30:  My dad drops me off by the emergency room, as that’s quicker that waiting to circle the parking garage, find a spot, then park, and then make our way in.

8:35: I check in.

8:40: My dad arrives.

8:45: The nurse takes us downstairs to the tractor trailer that has the unit inside, my dad goes into the Waiting room to wait…IMAG0813

8:55: They take my blood sugar, 104…

9:00: They inject me with the Radioactive Glucose.  This glucose gets picked up by the cells in my body, cancer cells rapidly divide and use up plenty of glucose, so the radioactive glucose will show up on the PET/CT scan.  They have me just kick my feet up and relax for an hour in that chair…

10:00:  Time for me to lay down on the moving table that will slide me in and out of the machine.  It is very easy to dose off and fall asleep while going through the machine…

10:35: I am done with the scan, and out the trailer I go…

10:45: I take a few pics of the trailer, and we walk back to the parking garage.IMAG0814

11:00: In the car heading to get something to eat.

11:20: We pull into Juicy Lucy’s for lunch.  My dad and I both get a stuffed cheese, bacon and buffalo wing sauce burger.  Hmm, first time I have been in a restaurant since before the transplant…

12:00: We are stuffed!IMAG0817

12:30: My dad drops me off at the office before heading home.

1:00: Back to getting started on some lovely work.  I get an email from a client that my chemo brain must have messed up something, as I misspelled a person’s name and didn’t apply one permission to allow them to access files they need to do their work…  I resolve that issue first.IMAG0818

1:20: I have an issue where a client is getting email kick back’s, it just started meaning one of their computers on the network is infected, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of their computers because they do provide access to other tenants and visitors to the building, so one of these other machines could have sent spam out and got their IP blacklisted, so I start working on that…

IMAG06942:00: Done with those few things, I start checking on some things around the office…

3:00: I decide now is the best time if any to update my blog.  I took pics today, so may as well get those posted!

3:45: Back to doing small things around my office…

6:30: My mom comes and pick’s me up from the office and brings me home.

7:00: Just watching TV with my dad at home, relaxing.

7:15: I eat a Wendy’s Fried Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

8:00: Just watching some more TV.

8:30: I am exhausted.  I have been up since 5:30, and getting up that early is not normal for me.

8:45: ZzZzZzZzZzZz….

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig