08/26/2015: 3rd Treatment @ MD Anderson

08/26/2015: 3rd Treatment @ MD Anderson

1:15: On the road to Houston, TX.  I am driving.

6:30: We arrive at MD Anderson.  All parked in Parking Garage 10.

6:45: I sign in for lab work.

7:00: All done with lab work, heading to the Lymphoma Center.

7:10: At the Lymphoma Center.  I setup my laptop to check my appointment times on the MyMDAnderson website and put them into my Outlook Calendar so that my phone is updated with the schedule and locations.

7:30: I check in at the Lymphoma Center.

7:35: They tell me that the doctor will not be here to 1.  So that I should come back and check in closer to that time.  I told them that my infusion is for 12:00.  They said the infusion should have been moved to after I see the doctor as the doctor’s orders are needed before each infusion.

7:40: I return to my laptop, setup my Out of the Office Outlook message, and then update this blog.

8:15: Done updating, heading down to grab a bite to eat since we have time to kill.

8:30: Chik Filet for breakfast.

9:00: We head to the gazebo area. I have my Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler to read.

10:00: I put on my Lidocaine creame to numb the port area and put saran wrap over the area. Then back to the gazebo area.

10:50: We head over to the clinic area.

11:00: I check in at the clinical area.

11:15: Clinic tells me they can’t do anything for me since I have not seen the doctor for me and they do not have any orders for me.

11:20: I head over to the Cath lab to get my port accessed to save time.

11:40: I check in at the Cath lab.

12:10: Cath lab calls me to the back and accesses my port.

12:25: I check in at the Lymphoma Center again.

12:40: I get my vitals taken.

12:55: I get taken to the exam room.

1:05: The fellow sees me.

1:15: Doctor Rodriguez sees me.

1:25: Emily the research nurse sees me.

1:35: All done with the doc visit the orders are in, time for me to go get my infusion.

1:50: I check in at infusion.

2:10: I am taken into the back and prepped, the vampire comes in and takes 8 or 9 tubes of blood from me.

2:50: My drug arrives and is hooked up and thr infusion begins.

3:20: I get some pizza delivered by my mom and dad from the MD Anderson Cafe.

3:50: Drugs all done. I am deaccesed.

4:00: I leave my room and we head to the car.

4:15: We are in the car hitting rush hour traffic.

4:30: We get to 288. Time to fight traffic.

5:19: I fill up the tank for the return trip home at Buc-ee’s. $1.99 per gallon.

10:30: We make it home.

11:30: In bed watching TV, will be out soon…

11:59: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

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