11/30/2016: 35th Round Infusion at MD Anderson


00:00: Still in the park.

00:22:  All done at the park.  We make our way back to the hotel room.

00:30:  Back in the hotel room.

01:00:  To sleep I go.

07:30:  Up I am.  Shower and dressed I get.

08:30:  Leftover Cold Pizza for breakfast, great stuff!

09:15:  I check out of the hotel.

09:20:  Across the skywalk we head to the main building.

09:30:  I check in at the wound care clinic.  To access my port.

10:30:  I get called to the back.

10:40:  Port all accessed, down to the 6th floor to the Lymphoma clinic I head.

10:48:  I check in on the iPad.

10:53:  I get a text message to go to the front desk to get my vitals taken.

11:20:  I see Abey today as Dr. Rodriguez I wouldn’t be able to see to 13:00, and that is too late for me to see her and then still catch my flight out.

11:45:  All done with Abey, I head downstairs to the second floor and check in at the CRTC center.

12:10:  I get called to the back for vitals.  I get assigned room 10, but the bed does not go up, so then they assign me room 7.

12:20:  The nurse comes and checks on me,and just waiting on the drug.

13:00:  Still waiting on the drug.

13:30:  The drug shows up.  This is going to be cutting it close with an hour infusion and then another 5 – 10 minutes for flush.

13:40:  My drug starts.

14:40:  My drug is done.  Flush begins.

14:50: Flush done and deaccessed.

15:07: Onto the light rail we get.  We are going to take the light rail further north today and hook up with my mom’s cousin and he will bring us to the airport.  We are running close if we took the bus because we would have to wait for the bus and then ride the bus through the Greenspoint area which adds about 30 minutes tot he trip since the bus is not a straight non stop shot to the airport.

15:22:  We pass up where we would normally get on the bus, and the next bus will not get there to 15:27.

15:50:  Off the light rail we get and into my cousin Steve’s mini van we get.

16:20:  At the airport we are.  We just need to circle around because we went to concourse B and not A.

17:30:  Boarding begins.

17:50:  Boarding complete.

17:55:  Pushback.  We need to taxi longer because we are on the far runway and we need to take off to the North because of the wind so we need to travel much further to get onto the runway heading in the right direction.

18:15:  Takeoff.

19:00:  Touchdown.

19:25:  My dad and my wife pick us up at the airport.

 19:47: We arrive at Outback.

21:30:  All done at Outback.

21:38:  Back at the house.  I catch up on a few things.


© Craig