12/15/2016: Head & Neck Surgeon Appointment at MD Anderson

00:20:  All done at the park, back to the hotel room my mom and I head.

00:30:  Back at the hotel room we are.  I do a few more things on my small laptop.

01:30:  To sleep I go.

09:00:  Up I am.  Quick shower and get dressed i get.

09:40:  Out the hotel room we head.

09:45:  I check out of the hotel.

09:50:  Over to the main building we head, then up Elevator A to the 10th floor to the Head and Neck clinic.

10:00:  I check in for the appointment.

10:15:  I am brought to the back and my vitals are checked and the nurse goes over the reason for the visit and everything so that she can relay this to the doctor.

10:30: A fellow comes in and examines me.  He squirts two compounds up my nose to numb my nose so that when he accesses it with the scope, there will be little reflex by me to the probing.  After he takes a look, he doesn’t see anything alarming, but he will need to get Dr. Amy Hessel to take a look as well and give her opinion.

10:50:  Dr. Amy pops in and greets us in her own special off the wall way.  She has a great attitude and a great cheerful personality.  She numbs me up again just to make sure and then she takes a look inside of my nose for herself.  She comes to the same conclusion that it doesn’t look like anything too abnormal, just some irritation, the only way to be sure is to do a biopsy of the lymphnode at the back of my throat/nose that is lighting up on the PET/CT and MRI images.  Dr. Amy will see when she can do the biopsy and will have her office follow up with me on the date and time when she knows where it will be done and what time.

11:15:  Out of the clinic we head, back down to the 3rd floor, back to the floor that leads to all the sky brdiges and a way out of here.

11:30:  At the Rotary House, grabbing some FroYo before heading back to the airport.

12:00:  All done with the FroYo time to start heading out.  However I get a client call just as I am packing up.  I unpack my laptop and get back to work.

13:15:  All done with resolving that client issue.  Now time to head out.

13:25:  At the other end of the skywalk and walking into the Duncan Building.

13:37:  Out of the Duncan Building.

13:40:  At the light rail station.

13:42:  On the light rail.

14:00:  At the downtown transit center waiting on the 102 bus to the airport.

14:11:  The bus arrives and on we get.

15:20:  At the airport we are.

15:30:  Through security.

15:40:  At the skyway.

15:45:  Off the skyway.

16:00:  At our gate.

17:15:  Boarding begins.

17:25:  On the plane in our seats.

17:59: Takeoff

18:42: Touchdown.

18:50:  Off the plane.

18:55:  I purchase tickets for 2 weeks.

19:12:  My Dad and wife pick up my mom and I from the airport.

19:27: At Outback we are for supper.

22:00: Back at the house we are.

23:00:  In bed, catching up on some more work, then Zzzzzzzzzz….

© Craig