11/02/2016: 33rd Round Infusion at MD Anderson


00:20:  I finish checking up with Dee, and then head back upstairs.  I browse the TV channels.

01:30: ZzZzZzZzZzZz…

06:30:  Up I am, and shower I get.

07:30:  I put on my numbing cream.

07:50:  Out of room 432 we head.  I head down to the 1st floor

08:00:  I check out of the hotel room. and then up to the second floor.  Across to the skywalk to the main building, up elevator B to floor 6.

08:25:  I check in on the iPad at the Lymphoma Clinic.  I take a seat and catch up on my study journal.

08:30:  I get a text message to go to the front desk to get my armband.

08:33:  I get a text message to go to the Hibiscus hallway for vital signs.

08:40:  While getting vitals the bloodwork nurse says she needs to draw more bloodwork today.  I tell her I just had bloodwork yestereday, she told me to check with the frontdesk and find out if the bloodwork were repeats or new.

08:45:  I finish vitals and then go to the front desk.  The front desk says that the labs are for my thyroid levels, and are different from what I had labs done for yesterday.

08:50:  I go to the room to get my blood drawn.

09:00:  A nurse is ready to take me to the back to a patient room so  I can see Dr. Rodriguez.

09:10:  Abey checks in with me.

09:25:  Dr. Rodriguez checks in with me.  She informs me that they want to do an MRI to check the spot that lit up on the PET/CT scan to make sure that it is not anything but inflammation.  I ask her to schedule in 2 weeks on Tuesday before my next visit.  She says she will schedule that.  The next trip will be my last trip here on the Study.  It is still up in the air on what I will do next.  I can stay on the drug, but it wouldn’t be on the study.  I need to discuss the final options in 2 weeks with Dr. Rodriguez, but also get some second opinions from my local doctors back in Metairie/New Orleans on what is my next best level of treatment and options.  The research nurse comes in and gives me my paperwork and confirms that my next trip will be my last trip for the study.  Dr. Rodriguez confirms all of this and then says my orders are ready to go and I am approved for my second to last, 33rd, treatment.  I thank them and head out.

09:38:  Down the Hallway up Elevator C to the 6th floor.

09:40:  I check in at the Wound Care Clinic to get my port accessed.

10:05:  I get called to the back and Craig takes care of me and accesses my port.

10:15:  All done being accessed.  Over to Elevator B to head down to floor 2 to get my treatment.

10:25:  I check in to get my treatment.

10:45:  I get called to the back and get my vitals taken again.

11:00:  I am in room 13.

12:15:  My drug arrives, but now I am waiting on the blood draw nurse.

12:45:  The blood draw nurse, aka the vampire shows up and draws my tube of blood for the study.

12:50:  Infusion starts.

13:50:  Infusion finishes, flush begins.

14:00:  Flush finishes.  I am flushed with saline and heparin.

14:05:  Deaccessed.  Clean up my stuff.

14:14:  I call Emily who has been out on maternity leave to see if she is at the hospital.  She is and comes to meet us by the CRTC Center.

14:45:  All done catching up with Emily and congradulating her on her baby boy.  We head out to the skywalk, then through the May’s Clinic, Duncan Building, and out of MD Anderson we head.

14:55:  On the light rail we get.

15:10:  Off the light rail at the Downtown Transit Center we are.

15:27:  The 102 bus arrives and on we get.

16:37:  At the airport we are.

16:43:  At security.

16:48: Through security.

16:53:  Oh the skyway.

16:58:  Off the skyway.

17:00:  At the gate.

17:45:  Boarding begins.

17:47:  In the plane in the big front seat.

18:00:  Boarding complete.

18:10:  Waiting for refueling to complete.

18:15:  Door is closed.

18:25:  Push back.

18:30:  Taxing.

18:35:  On the runway.

18:36: Takeoff.

19:23: Touchdown.

19:27:  At the gate.

19:30:  Off the plane, I am the first one too.

19:33: Potty break.

19:36:  Outside.

© Craig