11/16/2016:  34th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

0:00:  In the hotel room, I get on my laptop, eat some of the peanut butter bar, order items and wrap up what I need to jump on an restoration for the weekend.

02:00:  All done.  Time for me to go to sleep…

06:00:  Up I am.

06:30:  Shower I get.

07:00:  Finish ordering things I must.

09:30:  Out the hotel room we head, down to the first floor to check out  then back up to the second floor, across the skywalk to the main building to elevator B up to the 6th floor.

10:03:  I check in on the iPad.  I take a seat and get a text message that I checked in.

10:04: I get a text message to go to the frontdesk to get my armband.

10:05:  The vitals nurse calls my name for vitals.

10:07:  I get a text to go to the Iris hallway to meet my medical team.  A nurse brings us to the back.  Dr. Michelle Fanale will see me today as she is the head of the study and Dr. Rodriguez is out of the office today as well.

10:10:  The nurse comes and asks me the usual questions, falls, allergies, medicines, etc.

10:15:  The research nurse comes in and collects my journal and gives me a new journal for side effects of the drug.  She says that the MRI showed the same as the PET/CT.  We will have to wait to see what the doctor says for more info.

10:20:  The PA comes in and starts going over the scan and that I will see Dr. Amy C Hessel for a further review of the site in question.  She will either use a probe or do a biopsy or both.

10:30:  Dr Finale comes in and explains in further detail what the PA just went over. She clears up some questions of scheduling as well.  The plan is to stay on the trial to they can clear up what is showing up on the scan, if it is reactive or some form of cancer or what.  Other than that, my labs look good and I am scheduled for another treatment today.

11:30:  We are out of the office.  My appointment is for 11:15 at CTRC so we go straight to that.  I will let them access my port since we are already running a little behind.

11:30:  I check in with CRTC.

11:35:  I put on my numbing cream.

12:00:  I get called to the back, vitals, etc, I get assigned room 10.

12:30:  My port is accessed by the nurse.

12:45:  My drugs arrive after the nurse goes and retrieves them for me as she knows I have to get out of there no later than 2:30 if I don’t want to be rushed for my flight.  I am hooked up.

13:45:  Drugs all done, flushing begins.

13:55:  Flushed, heprined, deaccessed.

14:00:  Packed up, out the main building, to the skywalk to the mays clinic and the Duncan building.

14:15:  On the light rail we get heading back to the airport.

14:52:  Off the light rail at the downtown transit center we get off.  We wait at the 102 bus stop at the downtown transit center.

15:07:  We get onto the 102 express bus to the Bush airport.

16:11:  We arrive at the airport.

16:30: Through security we are.

16:35:  Onto the skyway we get, from Terminal C to Terminal A.

16:40:  Off the skyway we get.

16:50:  At the gate terminal we are.

17:20:  Boarding begins.

17:45:  The cabin door is shut.

17:48:  We push back.

17:54: Take off.

18:55:  Touchdown.

19:27:  Uncle Victor picks us up and brings us home.

19:42:  Home we arrive.

19:58:  Off we go to Applebees for supper.

20:45:  At Applebees we are.  Steak and ribs.

22:53:  All done, back home we head.

23:00:  Home we are.  I get on the computer and do some work, but not much and asleep I go.

23:59: ZzZzZzZzZz

© Craig