12/14/2016: 36th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

00:00: At the park we still are.

00:44:  Done at the park, back to the hotel room we head.

01:00:  Back in the hotel room we are.  I get back on my laptop and do a few things.

03:00:  To sleep I get.

07:30:  Up I am.  Ready I get.

08:40:  Out the room we head.  Down to the second floor, across the skywalk, to the main building, to the 6th floor to the lymphoma clinic.

08:51:  I check in on the iPad.

08:53:  I get a text to go to the front desk to check things and get my arm band then back to my seat.

08:57:  I get texted for vitals at the Lavendar hallway.  So vitals I go get.

09:02:  All done with vitals, back into the waiting room area I am.

09:10:  Michael comes and gets me and brings me to the back.  Michael goes over the usual, all normal.

09:25:  Abey comes in and goes over everything.  He confirms that after doing some research, and pulling data from Germany, that has a nation wide healthcare system.  He looked where patients on the drug stopped the drug, and then got back on the drug at relapse and the drug worked again.  So the plan is to get a biopsy of the area in question in my nasal area, if that comes back clean then get off the study drug and sit and wait.  If it comes back, then get back on the drug and get the cancer cleaned up again and then move to transplant following remission again.  If the drug doesn’t work again, then move to another drug or trial to treat the cancer.  if the biopsy comes back with an issue, then find out exactly what cancer it is, if it is still the same thing then find another drug to treat it with, if it is something different then treat it with whatever treatment is required and go from there.

09:40:  Dr. Rodriguez comes in and does her usual exam on me, she confirms that what Abey said is correct, and that the plan of action is a decent one.  She confirms that I will continue to get treatment until after the biopsy results come back and then decide where to go from there.

10:00:  All done with the doctor appointment.  Upstairs to the 8th floor I head to get my port accessed.

10:20:  I get called to the back and get my port accessed.

10:30:  All done getting my port accessed.  Downstairs to the second floor we head for treatment.

10:40:  I check in at the CRTC.

11:00:  I get called to the back and vitals taken.

11:50:  The drug arrives.

12:00:  My infusion starts.

13:00: My infusion is done, flush starts

13:05:  All done with flushing, I get flushed and then heplocked by the nurse.

13:10:  Out of the room we are.  Go figure, a day that we don’t need to go catch the rail, bus, and plane, we get out of here super early.

13:15:  Since I don’t have any more appointments today, I go to the computer lab (business lab/4 computers), and I remote into my office computer and catch up on work.

17:25:  We head out the Rotary house back across the skywalk through the Mays clinic and the Duncan building out to the light rail.  We take the light rail downtown to the Preston exit, get off, walk a block back and then a block to the right and go to Frank’s Pizza for supper.

18:09:  At Frank’s Pizza we are!  They have Great Pizza, Pizza Rolls,  Everything is baked through the oven, onion rings, french fries, chicken wings, nothing is fried in the place.  The only thing that hits the grill is the Hamburgers.  I wouldn’t say their hamburgers are the best, but they are a pizza joint!  I will always return for pizza here when I visit, what can I say, I am Italian :P.

19:07:  Out of Frank’s we head, stuffed.  Back to the light rail.

19:32:  Off the light rail we get.  We walk back to the Duncan Building, through the May’s Clinic, across the skywalk, through the faculty center, back at the Rotary House.  We grab some frozen yogurt, and then back to the lab I head to continue doing some work.

23:30:  We head over the the main building to grab a snack and some drink from the Park.

23:40:  At the park, I grab some sushi and a few drinks.

23:59: Snacking at the park….

© Craig